This is the page of Links! It has many Pokémon pages linked to. It also has a few non-Pokémon links as well.

Universal Pokemon Network

This used to be the best Pokémon news page, but now with nothing to report, this page is pretty bad.

Poké Wars Archive

The Official Poké Wars Archive. Be warned, however, Kruton organizes his archived posts differently than me.

The PoJo

This is the best site out there covering the Pokémon card game. It has price guides, spoilers, killer combos, decks, and much more.

Pokemon Lunchbox

A good site with a lot of Pokemon lyrics and some WAV's and Artwork, not to mention important data...

Azure Heights

The LEADING English site for all of your advanced Pokémon gaming needs (Data on attacks, and Pokémon of R/B/Y)

G/S Pokédex

One of the best lists of G/S Pokemon and Attack data out there.

Necrosaro's Pokemon Page

The site second only to Azure Heights as the leading source of Advanced Pokémon gaming info.

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