[PW!][PODA] To Catch a Laramie

LAST TIME:  Tiki became possessed by his alter ego, best term to
describe it, named Azutal.  He joined forces with John and Pipian, to
kill PODA.  But first Azutal must help the two capture the Laramie
Ranch.... and now on with the show.  (Damn its been a week since
someone posted for PODA!!!!)

  Tiki sat in a dark place he was bound with chains and far away from
the blue aura that controlled his body.  His captor stood in there
controlling his every move.  Tiki could see and hear what his body saw
and heard, and he wasn't very happy with it.  He had tried and gotten
loose but the monster that was guarding him had caught him.  The six
eyed six armed beast loomed over Tiki.  He was very strong and had no
head, his eyes were on his shoulders three on each.  His large mouth
was on his waist and ran vertical instead of horizontal.  It was very
muscualr and had a very good control on Tiki's subconcious, which Tiki
did not considering he didn't spend much time here.  It hadn't said
anything for the two days it had guarded Tiki.  Tiki decided to try and
get it to talk, "So I'm kinda curious, how did you get into my
subconcious?"  Tiki inquired, the beast smiled the best smile a
vertically postitioned mouth could.
  Finally the beast spoke, "We came here the day you were born and have
remained a captive ever since."  It echoed with the sound of numerous
voices saying the same thing.
  "What, what do you mean you've been here since I was born aren't you
something that that guy created?"
  "HA hardly, he is a prisoner just like us, but he escaped the fusion,
that we endured."
  "What do you mean prisoner?"
  "Don't play dumb, you know very well you contain six sould of
innocents within you, well we are the six, Mewtwo united us into one
and locked us into your subconcious to be released when you went under
his control, to give you more strength.  But Mewtwo never released us
bceause the fool accidently sucked in Azutal as well.  Azutal fought
Mewtwo's mental implant in your body and succeeded shortly after you
bgean traveling with your friends.  He drew energy from that girl Jamie
the one that saved you.  Azutal hadn't expected the mental control fo a
psychic body and went mad the first time, but now without your psychic
powers he can control you.  And he has rleased us from the bonds you
are now in, so he is extoritng the power."
  "Why are you telling me this,"
  "We figure you deserve to know why you will be punished." the beast
  "WHAT thats Buls**t if I had of known you were locked in here I would
have released you long ago."
  "Azutal wanred us you would lie, while we have been locked up for so
long Azutal was free to roam your subconcious, he showed us your true
intentions, we know you meant to release us and fight Mewtwo then take
his power."
  "WHAT first of all I'm a good guy, and second of all how could I take
Mewtwo's power?"
  "You can't now not without the psychic powers you once had, but your
body has a sort of soul siphon built into it, if you kill someone they
become part of us.  And you become more powerful."
  "BUT AZUTAK is going to kill more people your going to be stuck in
here forever."
  "We think not, while Azutal has control of your body and great
control over your sunconcious he cannot release us even with our power,
he needs more.  He showed us the thoughts and plans that Mewtwo had
implanted.  Once there are thirteen of us we can all be set free."
  "I thought you were innocents you want seven more people to die for
your own release."
  "WE WERE INNOCCENT SIXTEEN YEARS AGO!!!! 17 years of this prison have
given us only one goal... to escape."
----------MEANWHILE OUTSIDE OF TIKI'S MIND------------------------------

  "When do we strike?" John asked looking at Pipian.
  "In half an hour, we're supposed to go in and capture as many pokemon
as possible then get out before the cops get there, mine and yours job
is to sneak in and cut the phone and alarm lines, then restrain the
Laramie clan and keep them from alerting the cops, Tiki over there is
going to help with the phone and alarm lines bit. Sonce he's
experienced in that."  Pipian replied standing up out of boredom.  They
were in their hotel room with Pipian and John in a pair of chairs, as
Tiki was in the restroom cleaning himself up.
  He exited, the bathroom wearing a pair of clean clothes he had gotten
washed, he had heard the plan and looked at the two "rockets" "If you
guys are going to tie up the Laramie's why not do something other than
gathering pokemon.  Why not kidnap them and hold them for ransom, the
city of Fuschia wil pay a lot of Money to have their number one
business family back raising new pokemon, and I'm sure Giovanni will be
pleased with you."
  "But how do we get them out of there?"  John asked.
  "Very simply, John they listen to what you say, lead them out toward
a group of rockets in the back, then get them tie them up and what
not,  then you exit and go get a van.  No one will suspect your
involved in anything bad when you exit with the van, which will happen
to be filled with Laramie's and pokeballs."
  "Hmmm nice plan, I say we do it,"  Pipian said looking at John.
  "O...K, but I still wonder why they think Im one of them."  John said
  "WHO knows but they do so lets take advantage of it," Pipian said
looking at John.
  "Ok let's go."  John stood up grabbed a bag filled with empty
pokeballs and walked out of the hotel followed by Tiki and Pipian.

Reply by: Lewis19

The psyball came down without warnining, and hit the three right off
their tracks.  Tiki'd body was the first to come up.  He immediately
saw the PODA running towards them with a Mew. 
"That creature!  That insolent creature!" Tiki shouts.
"I couldn't really care less whatever you have to say right now.
Alright, Mew, could you do us another favor and restore John and
Pipian's memories?" Lewis asks.
"Sure." Mew replies.  Mew's eyes start glowing and John and Pipian
float into the air.  They too start glowing, but then Tiki pulls out a
strange box and presses a blue button.  John and Pipian fall to the
ground, along with the Mew and Lewis. 
"Mew....  How far did you...." Lewis tries to ask. 
"Half-way on the on called Pipian, John had a lot more memory to
restore, only one-tenth complete...." Mew replies, before finally
managing to teleport away in pain.

Reply by: Tiki

  Tiki got up, from the psyball and walked over to PODA, "Ha fools."
he grabbed a nearby net (used for catching pokemon), and through it
over the unconcious gang.  He then, found some rope and tied everyone
up then but them back under the net.he then nailed the net to the
ground.  "Well it seems I win," Tiki said taking out his staff and
expanding it.
  "HEY!"  John yelled, "You have to help us with rounding up pokemon
before you kill them."
  "But it will only take a second."  Tiki said.
  "It can wait. We'll put plenty of guard on them, now come on."  john
  "Fine," Tiki said retracting his staff and walking off as a dozen
guards came up one was given the APB and told how to use it.  Tiki
walke doff to help John and Pipian.

Reply by: Syke6888 L

As they left, Mew's meddling brought up a picture in John's mind. In
this one, a young boy was sitting in front of a box. A small group was
watching the young boy tear at the box until it was open. A small bundle
of fur leaped onto the boy, licking his face while constantly squeaking.
The young boy had the biggest smile on his face. A quick flash, and the
young boy was now placing a tag on the bundle's collar. It read ARIEL.

The vision ended, and John was unsure of it. As they walked to the
Laramies John held up the Pokéball containing the Vaporeon. "What is
going on?" he wondered.

"Hurry up, John. We need you to get their trust."

"I'm coming, I'm coming." he cried out, placing the Pokéball on his

Reply by: Tiki

   Tiki walked behind John who walked into the main Laramie
building.  "Well hi John haven't seen you here in awhile."  A Laramie
employee hollared to him.
   "Yeah, I... I've been busy, here are my friends, Pipian and..."
   "Azutal," Tiki's voice interupted.
   "Well leased to meet you two, what can I do for you?" The man asked
walking over to Tiki and shaking his hand, "Oh nothign much just...
looking around."
   Just then Pipian struck the man from behind and knocked him to the
ground.  He then grabbed a gag and rope and tied him up.  "Alright
Azutal time to earn your keep cut the alarms and connection wires."
   "Fine, I'll be outside working."  Tiki turned and wlaked out the
door.  He first searched, and eventually found, the hidden Alarm box.
He opened the box and looked at it for a little.  It was an old alarm
system no back-up protection systems to pass, just hook up a few wires
to one another then cut them.  It took Tiki about two minutes.  Next
was the phones he took out a small device.  It was a small circlet,
with a red button on it, Tiki pushed the button and four little pedals
came out, Tiki put it on the phone box and pushed the red button, so it
turned yellow.  The mine sort of thing locked onto the phone box, then
Tiki pushed it again and it turned yellow.  The phones shorted out.
Tiki hid the EMP scrambler into inside the box and stuck out its
   Meanwhile John and Pipian had restrained five more Laramies, they
had gotten the keys to the van and a whole bunch of pokeballs, now all
that they needed to do was break into the no longer Alarm hooked up
pastures and capture of the pokemon, and capture the key members of the
Laramie family.
   Tiki walked in, "All done, phone's out and so's the alarm."
   Pipian untrusting picked up the phone it was dead.  "Alright lets
go."  Pipian threw a sack of pokeballs to Tiki.
   "Let me just go check on PODA," Tiki commented turning to go and
   "They're still where you left them you'll see them when we have our
pokemon and we have the van loaded up."  John replied as he and Pipian
walked out the door, Tiki followed, no one noticing the small blade he
dropped next to a Laramie who was still unconcious, Tiki also held a
small remote inside his pocket with two buttons on it, the green one
was lit up and the red one was not, it said "EMP scrambler remote
   Tiki smiled as he followed the two forgetful PODA members.

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