[PW!] On the Road... To Vermillion City

<That's right!> Blizzard announced, cheerfully, <First star to the south, and
straight on until morning! ...Either that, or north by northeast.> The snowy
white Persian flicked her tail impatiently, upon hearing her companions'
groans. <Purr...unless one of YOU has a better idea?>

Two Eevee, a Raichu, a Persian, and a lone human named Orion, were seated in a
loose semicircle, just past the Cerulean City border. The so-called Pokémon
Pack was short one member, but this didn't seem to affect their overall volume.

"Rai." <I have one.> Samuraichu offered, <We wait here, until White Blade
returns. And if he doesn't come back by nightfall, we set up a search party.>

"We haven't seen him or Draconi, since we left Mt. Moon..." Orion added. "I
hope nothing bad's happened to them...after all, a Clefable and a Dragonite
walking around without a trainer--they're practically inviting people to
capture them!"

"Bui, bui," <Good thing we have you around, to throw those nasty trainers off!>
Keri hopped onto Orion's shoulder, and nuzzled his head playfully. <Not that I
have anything against trainers, having been one myself; but I sure wouldn't
want to get captured by one!>

"BUI!" Darwin shot Keri a withering glare. It was difficult for him to display
anger towards a female Eevee--especially one as cute as Keri--but her show of
affection towards Orion made the job a little easier. <So, it's okay for humans
to make slaves of Pokémon, just so long as you aren't targeted!
How...how...utterly selfish of you! Can't you see, it's wrong to make any
Pokémon fight for a cause that they don't believe in? And I can assure you,
most Pokémon don't believe in the principles of the Pokémon League, which is
what endeavors to make them slaves in the first place!>

Reply by Pipian:

"Of course if I *WANTED* to capture all of you and make you 'my slaves' I
would have done that by now...  But I didn't, so you should be thankful,"
said Orion pointing his finger at Darwin.

Continued from Bandraptor's Previous Post:

Blizzard stomped on the Eevee's head, cutting his rant short. <Darwin, Darwin,
Darwin... and the rest of you, for that matter... as usual, you're missing the
point entirely. That point being, none of this brings me any closer to
receiving my Thunder Badge, or the Technical Machine which is known as

Blizzard pronounced that last word very carefully. Now that she knew the proper
name for the TM which taught Thunderbolt, she'd be sure to use it! <Besides,
Keri made a good point, whether she was aware of it or not: We are four rare,
highly priced Pokémon, and one human who is invaluable, due to his uncanny
ability to understand Poké Speak. I think it's best that we keep moving, to
minimize our chances of being cornered by...undesirables, trainer or non.>

Reply by Hedgehogey:

Darwin ignored blizzards advice as he concentrated all the energy in his small
form on wriggling  onto his back.

Darwin opened his mouth to admit blizzards paw and clamped down. Hard.

The resulting screech was heard as far away as pallet town. <How...Dare...You!>
Blizzard said, full of indignation and fury. Blizzard waved her paw around,
eventually sending darwin flying back a few feet.

Darwin righted himself quickly and stared down Blizzard.
<Cue guitar battle music>
This sent the rest of the pokemon pack into sweat dropping and facefaults.
Darwin broke the silence with a barrage of stars. <Ah...Swift always works in
these situations. I just hope this impresses keri...> Darwin thought,
pridefully. In return Blizzard smacked him with her paw, creating three red
lines across Darwins face.
Enraged, Darwin leapt at Blizzard. Enraged, Blizzard did likewise. Infinitely
more enraged, Orion grabbed both pokemon by the scruff of their necks and
seperated them. Blizzard and Darwin yowled as if they were possesed and swiped
at each other.
A warning shock from Samuraichu brought them both barely back to their senses.
Darwin nursed his wounds, making sure he was within line of sight of Keri.
He decided it was all worth it just to see Blizzard lose her carefully
constructed, snobbish, civilized facade to expose the raving beast within.

While the rest of the pack debated about the possible fates of white blade and
draconi Darwin though back to his Pokemon Resistance training.
"Eebui Eevee. Bui. Vee. Vui bee." <In the resis...Er on the streets of celadon
I learned that a lost, rare pokemon on a well travelled route has 432 to 1 odds
of getting captured. I say we move on to vermillion city.> Darwin said,

Continued from Pipian's Post Above:

"Bui..." <Ya know, I think that's a good idea,> replied Keri.

"Besides, if White Blade does come searching for us and fails to find us in
Cerulean, he'd probably move on to Vermillion anyway," said Orion.

"Rai..." <I guess you're right...> replied Samuraichu.

<So let's get moving then, shall we?>

Reply by Bandraptor:

<Then it's decided.> Blizzard let out a long yawn, stretched, and got to her
feet, <We continue on to Vermilion City. There, I shall find the means to
harness the power of Electrical attacks, the most powerful attacks of all!>

"Rai!" <That's right!> Samuraichu Thundershocked Blizzard, to confirm this

Blizzard collapsed to the ground, and lay there for a long time, her staticky
fur sparking ever so slightly, as it was moved by the drawn out action of her

"Rai..?" Samuraichu lumbered over to her fallen form, and poked her with his
halberd. "Raichu, rai..?"

 "Purr..." The Persian mumbled dreamily, <Do you know what this makes me think
of..? Fried cat...fish.>

Everybody facefaulted.

Blizzard narrowed her eyes in annoyance, and stood up again. <Have you ever had
it? It's really quite good... And since Vermilion is a town on a waterfront, I
am certain we will find a restaurant there that serves it. Yum.>

"...Bui?" Darwin's ears perked up. <Catfish? Wow, Blizzard, this must mean
you're not thinking about eating ME anymore!>

<An interesting conclusion.> Blizzard grinned menacingly down at the smaller
Pokémon, and started towards him--but stopped, when Samuraichu lowered his
halberd in front of her face.

"Rai rai..." The giant Raichu wagged a finger at her.

The Persian sighed, <...And one that might prove true, provided we reach
Vermilion in a timely fashion.>

Blizzard looked up, to see both Orion and Samuraichu glaring at her. She
quickly amended her statement further, <And even in the event that we didn't, I
still would not eat you-- at least not right away, because I want to make sure
that the Grimer poison is out of your system, before I do.>

This seemed to be good enough for Samuraichu and Orion, who both nodded in
approval. The Persian shook her head, and walked away from the Eevee, but
Darwin followed after her, crying, "Bui! Eevee!" <You'd better not eat any
*other* Pokémon, either! Eating Pokémon is even worse than capturing them!>

"You two never quit, do you?" Orion sighed, as the group started walking again.

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