[PW!] Sabrina, the Most Annoying Gym Leader in History!

It was some time before a small Vulpix with an even smaller girl entered
the gates of Saffron City. Karuko sat down, an action that caused the
rider to tumble off and fall flat on the ground.

"Ouch! Next time, warn me Karuko!"

"Vulpix." (Sorry.)

"Whatever you said."

Cajava climbed back up onto Karuko, the safest place the modern version
of Thumbelina could be. Karuko continued walking yuntil they reached an
ominous building. Karuko shuddered at the memory of what happened the
last time they entered Sabrina's Gym. It was Sabrina that transformed
the Cerulean native into a Vulpix, and shrunk down Cajava to her new
size. All of it just because they failed to win in battle. Karuko shok
herself, and the Great Ball attached to her collar fel,off and opened
up. A purple ghost appaered.

"Haw haw haunter!" cried the ghost, striking a pose worthy of the Ginyu
Force from Dragoniteball Z.

Cajava and Karuko sweatdropped. "Just what we need, an otaku Ghost."

Calling it back before the Ghost caused a scene, they entered the Gym.
Carefully, they searched thorugh, watching the many hopeful psychics try
their luck at bending spoons and choosing cards. Finally, they entered
the temple that was called a Gym Arena. Sabrina appeared on the other

"So now... you've finally decided to return. I would have known about
you earlier, but my mind was on other things. In suppose you want your
normal forms back. Well, al you have to do is beat my Kadabra." A
Pokéball floated from behind her and landed on the Gym floor, then
released the Psychic type. "Just be warned, another loss wil result in
you two joining my doll collection...permanently!" In additon to her
voice, Sabrina added a quick Psychic push, causing Cajava to fall off,
and the Great Ball to topple on the ground.

"Haunter!" it cried, and started laughing out loud. The Ghost floated to
the center of the Arena, and proceeded to blow itself up with a bomb.
Sabrina laughed.

"Just as funny as the Haunter Ash gave to me so long ago. Now, let's

Cajava walked forward. Five minutes later, she had reached the area
where the challenger stood. Karuko sweatdropped, then cried out, "Let me
do it!" Cajava turned around at the sudden voice.

"Karuko? You can talk now?"

Sabrina responded. "This Ghost cannot hear your tiny voice, Cajava, so i
gave Karuko her human speech back."

Karuko walked up to Cajava. "Haunter, Night Shade!" After hesitating for
a moment, the Ghost swooped forward and Licked Kadabra, and thus doing
absolutely nothing to hurt it!

"Oh no! It's doesn't want to obey! Try Hypnosis!" haunter flew up to the
ceiling and proceeded to bang its head a few times, then used Night
Shade. The beam flew down to Kadabra, who fired a Psybeam in response.
The attacks met, and both pokémon kept the beams going, and it looked
very much likje a battle on Draginteball Z. Finally, the two Pokémon
stopped firing, and both were tired.

"Kadabra, Recover." Kadabra regained its energy, and launched a wave of
energy. Haunter started screming, and smashed its head again.

"Crap! Confuse Ray!"

Haunter recovered and launched a beam of light. Kadabra failed to look
away, and started to play the spoons...on its head! Sabrina

"Kadabra, shake it off! I want my new dolls!" The Psychic finished off
its musical interlude, but before it could do anything, a Night Shade
came from nowhere. Kadabra flew back and laid there, down and out!

Sabrina sighed, then called back her Kadabra. "Well, you have beaten me.
and I shall keep my word. Karuko, Cajava, back to normal!" The two girls
started to glow, then teleported out of the Gym. Cajava opened her eyes
again andwa relieved to see she was normal size again! But something was

"Cajava, l-l-look in the window!" cried a very human, very surprised
Karuko. Slowly, Cajava turned and saw her reflection. The right side of
her physical self was the teen that Karuko knew, but the left side was
exactly like Cajava's alter-ego, Ben!


Reply by Pipian:

"Who is that... that other person?" asked Karuko.  "There's nothing wrong
with me is there?  HEY!  We didn't get our badges!"

"Uhh..." replied Cajava/Ben.

Reply by: Syke6888 L

"Now can you plese explain this first?" Karuko asked.

Cajava/Ben grimaced. "This... person is my alter-ego, Ben." said Cajava
in both voices.

"Huh? I don't understand this."

"Noone does when they first see it. According to my late mother this
has been happening my entire life. For some reason, every time my skin
comes in contact with water, I change from Ben to Cajava and vice-
versa. No doctor's been able to explain it. my Pokémon have gotten used
to it, and have no problems taking orders from either personality. But
it can cause problems. If you don't want to hang out with me anymore
I'll understand."

Karuko let his/her words sink in. "this is the strangest thing I've
ever seen, but you have to be crazy if you think I'll ditch you like
that. You're a godd firend... I mean, friends."

The duo person sighed. "At last, someone who can accept me for my
problem," she thought.

"So, any ideas on what we have to do to fix this problem?" asked

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