[PW!] Let a Mind Wander and It May Not Return...

As Pipian drove the van that housed the Pokémon filched from the
Laramie Ranch, John's hand wandered to his neck, where he found
something hanging around it. Taking off what he found, John was
surprised to see it was a necklace with a dream catcher/feather charm
hanging on it. Suddenly, another vision took over him.

In this one a boy looking like John had left a hospital. Suddenly, a
deliveryman walked up to him. The two exchanged conversation, then the
deliveryman handed John a package. Inside was the same necklace!

"Crap! The police!" shouted Pipian, bringing John back to the present.

John opened his door, leaned out, and began firing at their pursuers.
Suddenly, Pipian made a sharp turn, and John flew off the truck. As
Pipian began to swerve wildly, and John started rolling before finally
slamming headfirst into a tree. Darkness overwhelmed him.

(OOC: I wanted to write this story, but I also wanted to leave what
Tiki and Pipian planned, so there)

When John opened his eyes, the first thing he noticed was that he was
no longer at the Ranch. Instead, he was in a long hallway. He got up
and noticed a figure nearby. the figure left the darkness and revealed
itself. It was John!

"Who are you? And where am I?" he demanded.

The other John answered. "I'm you. And as for your other question, were
in your mind."

"What are you talking about?"

Pseudo-John shook his head. "It's hard to understand. you see, the
brain can be different things to different people. To some, it could be
a maze, while others see it as a hallway or corridor. It all depends on
the person."

"So I'm not really here?"

"Well, in spirit, you are. You see, you are currently undergoing
amnesia, and it has been so long, you're memories are almost impossible
to get them back. A recent blast from a Mew helped out, but it wasn't
enough. So your subconscious mind created this hallway and placed your
spiritual self in it. And you have to find a way to return them..
Follow me." Pseudo-John started to walk down the hallway.

John decided to follow this wannabe, and ran to catch up to him.

"So if I am here spiritually, what happened to my physical self?"

"Your body is residing in a coma-like state, and will stay that way
until you're finished here."

As they walked, John noticed that the many doors had names. One of them
was called FEARS. Curious, John opened it up and proceeded to witness
himself turning into a Raichu.

"What the heck was that?" he cried out.

Pseudo-John explained. "You see, each of these doors represents a
certain area of your brain, in this case, your fears. One of them is
that whatever created your Raichu tail will one day return and finish
changing you into a Raichu." They continued through the hallway.

Soon, John noticed that another of the doors, one marked ENFATUATIONS,
was open a little. John peeked his head through the door. Inside, he
saw the female PODA member - Jamie, he thinks was her name - surrounded
by angels and a choir of singing Jigglypuffs.

"There's no way I could be in love with that witch," he said.

"No, there isn't. It's your true self that has this blind love with
Jamie. Let's continue." They continued their trek, John being even more
curious the farther they went. The rest of the walk had no big deal,
but John wondered who the person in the jail cell was.

"That represents your ego. your real self is very humble, and as a
result this person is kept behind bars. If you ever started bragging
about everything you do, then I would be the one there, and your ego
would be the one in charge of this tour."

Finally, they reached the end of the  hallway. there, a door marked
MEMORY was located. However, this door had a giant lock on it, and no
key was to be found.

"So this is what cause my so-called 'amnesia', is it?" he asked Pseudo-

"Exactly. And you have to find a way to open this, so things can return
to normal in your life."

"But what if I don't want to? I happen to like my life. Give me one
good reason why I have to do this."

Pseudo-John suddenly towered over John. "I'll give you two. One: you'll
never wake from this until you do. Two: if you don't start trying, I'll
break every bone in your spiritual body."

John sweatdropped. "I'll get to work."

He walked to the lock and touched it. Immediately, a Raichu-sized
electric shock coursed through his body. He flew back and hit the
ground, then glared at Pseudo-John. "Ouch! That hurt! Why didn't you
warn me about that?"

Pseudo-John shrugged. "I thought you deserved it."

"You go to HFIL!"* cried John. He got up and absent-mindedly wished for
a pair of rubber gloves, and to his surprise they suddenly appeared. He
grabbed the lock with his now-insulated hands and pulled. He continued
pulling, switching more positions than someone playing Musical Chairs.
Finally, he collapsed from exhaustion, and looked in the direction of
Pseudo-John. The guy was calmly playing with a paddleball toy.

John thought of a crowbar, and when it appeared, he shove it in the
lock and handle and started applying pressure. Harder and harder he
pulled, until it snapped under the pressure. John fell flat on his
back, and when he sat up, the second half of the crowbar landed on top
of his head. "Ouch! Again!"

This time, John brought out an axe and started swinging for all it was
worth. Slowly, the lock began to look like it was starting to wear
thin. But when John fell to his knees, tired, the lock reverted to its
normal, unscathed state. "Damn it!"

John decided a different approach was necessary. He created a Pokéball
and from it brought forth a Blastoise. He ordered it to use Ice Beam.
Once the lock was frozen under a layer of ice, John ordered a Skull
Bash. The Blastoise aimed its head and charged. Unfortunately, the only
thing that shattered was the icy layer.

John sent the Pokémon back to nothingness, trading it for a simple lock
pick. He sat down and went to work.

Some time later...

"Rattatas!" he cried out, throwing his latest pick into a pile as big
as him. the lock was still no closer to opening as before. John knew it
was time for the last resort. He brought out a laser gun, aimed it at
the center of the lock, and fired. A concentrated beam hit the lock,
raising up a dust storm.

Another time lapse...

Finally, the energy source ran out. His laser sputtered out, and John
cursed not thinking of a laser with unlimited energy. He watched as the
dust cloud settled. The grin on his face turned into a scream of agony
when the lock appeared, no more beaten than when he first saw it. John
slammed his head into the ground a few times.

"That's it! I give up! I can stay forever in this limbo and not care!
this lock will not open!" In his rage he kicked the lock. It proceeded
to pop open and fall to the ground, landing with a thud. Both Johns

"Why didn't I think of this before? When I think of all the trouble I
could have avoided.... Why?"

Pseudo-John shrugged. "Terminal cliche. Anyway, it's time for you to re-
claim your life." At that, Pseudo-John disappeared, and the hallway
turned into a room, with the MEMORY door as the only entrance or exit.
Seeing he had no choice, John opened the door.

As soon as he did, light engulfed him and he was shown his entire life
before the accident with the Raticate. John closed his eyes.

A voice came from the darkness. "John? Do you hear me? Wake up, John!"

He opened his eyes. Nurse Joy formed in his vision, followed by Lara
Laramie. Their grim looks melted into happy smiles when they saw John
open his eyes and look around.

"John? Is it really you? Answer me!"

"Lara? What are you doing in Cerulean City? Shouldn't you be at the

Nurse Joy gave him a drink. John took a sip and slowly woke up. It was
then he noticed he was at the Ranch. "What's going on here? Where's the

Reply by: Tiki

Before this happens but after Lewis revives Jamie and Score.

The Laramie in the main office had awakened sometime ago, he ha dfound
the knife next to his body and had managed to cut out of his bonds.  He
went to the phone and kept trying to get it to work, 5, 10, 15, 20
times but nothing.  Then finally it started working for no reason.  He
quickly dialed the poilice office, "HELLO Police this is Laramie Ranchi
were inder attack by Rockets."


The van was starting down the long strip of land leading to the Ranch's
enterance, Pipian and John sat in the front of it.  Tiki(Azutal)
watched from the shadows, as it passed he ran out and quickly threw a
tracker on the back.  "I'm not done with you two, not yet."


Lewis and the others stood up, Score and Jamie still wounded, Lewis was
still recovering and was barely able to heal them.  Score retracted his
tongue which had been severly hurt byt he gun shots.  He was relatively
okay though.  Jamie on the other hand needed a doctor and soon, Lewis
had managed to keep her alive but he was no surgeon the bulet was still
in her neck and it was going to cause problems.  Mike and Darian was
still unconcious and Bridget was whimpering silently as the rockets
encirlced her.
  They turned aorund to see Jamie Score and Lewis standing up, "WHAT
THE???"  One of them yelled.  "GET THEM!!!"  A large group of rockets
turned about to see the trio of people up again.  They immediatly
attacked.  Score jumped in front of them and kicked a rocket but was
then attacked from the sides.  Lewis jumped up and threw out some
pokeballs.  His Golem and Pidgeot popped out, "GO GET EM!!!"  Pidgeot
and Golem both attacked a couple of rockets until their pokemon came
out.  Then they battled them.  Score threw out his pokeballs and his
Kangaskhan, Ryhdon, Ninetails and Pidgeotto jumped out.  The weakened
Jamie threw out two of her pokeballs and her Magnemite and Nidoino came
out, they all began attacking.
  Darian and Mike had begun to came to, and managed to drop their
pokeballs on the ground, and there pokemon attacked.  Bridget was still
in a tissy and wasn't doing anything.
  All of this commotion attracted the attention of Azutal, who had
promptly returned to the seen.  He turned a corner to see the spposedly
dead members of PODA battleing the rockets.  "WHAT!!!! HOW CAN THIS
BE?!?!? WHY WON'T YOU FOOLS DIE!!!"  He took out a small elongated
sphere, he oushed a button and the center opened into a large green
bulb. he pushed another button put on a pair of glasses and flung it
into the fray.  The explosion of light blinded everyone on the feild.
Azutal took out his gun and aimed it at Jamie's head.


The van roared out of the enterance and began driving towards the city
limits, the police cars soon caught and opened fire.  (This is where
John's post starts).


Tiki watched Azutal aim the gun, helpless.  he looked at the spirits
which resided inside his body.  "Please can't you see that Azutal is
never going to release you, your his source of power.  He is going to
keep you here forever."
  The monstrous conjoined spirits looked down at Tiki, "AND Why should
we believe YOU??? You are a weapon of evil you are eventually going to
be taken under control by Mewtwo then what? You kill others and absorb
them as well?"
  "I'm not goin... what did you say absorb them?"
  "Yes don't play dumb, you know that if your body kills someone their
spirit is absorbed into us.  Once we have enough spirits in here we
will be freed, we need 6 more spirits to free us from this body.  But
we need the body controlers concent, Azutal will give it to us, you
will not."
  "WHAT six more innocent people have to die to set you free, HAV YOU
  "Our morals died over a decade ago, we now have but one goal, to
escape.  And we have but one pleasure torturing our capture."
  Tiki watched in horror and the gun move towards Jamie's
head.  "NOOO!!! ENOUGH OF THIS!!!" Tikie yelled, his bonds yelled and
he shattered them  and tackled the spirit, "I PROMISE TO FIND ANOTHER
bonds around the spirits, he had gotten the hang of controlling his
mind.  He charged towards Azutal and tackled him, knocking him out of


Tiki's body began convulsing he shot about wildly into the air, only
hitting buildings.  People began regaining their site, andonce it was
returned the fight raged on, but Jamie saw Tiki with the gun and
attempted to try and walk over there.


  "YOU CANNOT STOP ME!!!!"  Azutal screamed unleashing fireballs
against Tiki, who easily blocked them.
  "Were not going anywhere like this Azutal, I propose that we fight
for control of the body, and freedom.  Nthing may be used except the
weapon of your choice, no teleporting no fires nothing.  The loser is
put into shackles while the winner takes control of the body.  What do
you say?"  Tiki asked.
  Realizing that they were at a stalemate in mental battle he
agreed, "Very well, we shall battle with the weapon of ancient times,
we shall battle with swords."  Azutal formed a black sword wityh a
dragon hilt.
  Tiki formed the same kind of sword with a white dragon and a slimmer
blade, which was also white.
  "En guarde!!!" they both yelled.  The two rushed at one another....

Reply by Pipian:

    However, Pipian's sharp turn flipped the van over, flipping Pipian and
the bags of pokéballs out of the van before it exploded.  The police came
out and retrieved the Pokéballs, Pipian, and John and took the latter two to
a hospital (Incidentally, it was the same hospital in which Tiki had woken
up in after Pipian and John first met him).  They were put in separate
rooms.  Of course, Pipian had been knocked out...

    Pipian woke up strapped to a chair staring at a mirror image of himself.

    "Gaah!" Pipian screamed.

    "I suppose you are wondering who I am," replied Pipian-2.

    "Uh...  No.  But because you did this, you'll pay..."

    Pipian tried to pull out his knife he always hid in his pocket as a
Rocket, but alas, it wasn't there.

    "You know why?" asked Pipian-2.

    "Why what?" asked Pipian.

    "Why the knife you usually hide there is gone?  It's because, oh, I know
you VERY well...  So..."


    "Now you'd better do what I want, or you'll have to pay..."

    "And what if I don't...  Or I kill you?"

    "Then you'll pay."

    "Well I don't want to help you."

    "Then you'll be punished..."


    Pipian-2 walked out a door that suddenly appeared and turned on a movie
projector...  Barney the Kangaskhan was on it...


    "Will you help me now?" asked Pipian-2.

    "Sure, anything but that...  that... show..."

    "Now then...  You say you've been a Rocket all your life?"

    "Yeah.  So?"

    "What if you weren't?"

    "Uh...  I'd join Team Rocket."

    "Let me try again...  What if you were brainwashed into becoming a
member of PODA?"

    "I'd be really mad at whoever did it."

    "Yes...  But you wouldn't know."


    "Well I've got to take you on a little journey."

    "Oh... Great..."

    Pipian-2 led Pipian through another door.


    "So that's my life..." said Pipian.

    "Yes.  *Now* would you be a member of Team Rocket?"


    "Good.  Your training is complete.  By the way...  You were brainwashed
by Team Rocket...  G'day."

    Pipian-2 faded away, as the room turned brighter.  Pipian opened his
eyes.  He was in a hospital.  It was only an hour after his escape from the
ranch.  A doctor walked in.

    "You seem to be doing much better.  Nasty fall you took there.  You have
some bad broken bones, so you'll be on crutches for a few weeks."

    "Aggh! Not again!" cried Pipian.

    "That's what they always say.  Of course you'll probably have a court
hearing if the Laramies want to file a suit..."

    "Ungh..."  Pipian always hated litigation and all that legal stuff...


    "Could you move me into my friend's room?  John Laramie?  I'm sorta
alone in here..."

    "Yeah...  Seeing how his amnesia vanished...  Wait...  You wouldn't try
to commit any more crimes would you?"

    "Heck no!"

    "Sure!  That's good enough for me."

    Pipian was moved into John's room accordingly.

    "Hey John!" said Pipian.

    "Hey Pipian!"

    The Laramies in the room scowled at Pipian.

    "You know we're gonna sue you for what you did to John?" said Lara.

    "Huh?  Me?  I didn't do a thing."

    "Pipian?  Oh, he hasn't done a thing.  He's my friend.  It's not like we
joined Team Rocket...  Forgive him Lara...  Please?" asked John.

    "Oh...  All right..."

    "What are you in the hospital for anyway, Pipian?"

    "I got some broken bones from a fall..."

    "That's you Pipian...  Always getting hurt..."

Reply by: Tiki

    Tiki and Azutal facedone another on Tiki's concious scape.  They
each had their swords in their hands.  "Alright," Azutal began, "Ready."
    "Steady," Tiki continued.
    "GO!" They both yelled.
    Tiki rushed Azutal and sliced at him, Azutal blocked easily and
then, slashed at Tiki's mid-riff.  Tiki managed to scoot back in time.
Then Azutal swung overhead, Tiki held his sword up quickly and blocked
it.  Next Tiki kicked Azutal in the stomach and jumped back.  Next Tiki
rushed again at the side, and tried to slash Azutal from the side.
However Azutal jumped over the sword and kicked Tiki in the back of the
   Tiki stumbled trying to recover from the kick.  Azutal landed and
whirled around trying to slash Tiki's back.  Tiki however turned too
quickly and managed to block the strike.  Tiki then dropped to the
ground and tried to sweep kick Azutal, but Azutal saw it coming and
jumped into the air and came down on Tiki's sword.  He pointed his
sword at Tiki's throat.  "NOW," he began, "I finish your
determiniation, I will rule this body."
   Azutal raised the sword and slashed at Tiki's throat.

Reply by: Tiki

  The sword swung down on Tiki, Tiki released the sword and jumped back
in time to avoid the blow.  Azutal picked up the second sword, "It
doesn't look to good for you Tiki."  He said smiling.  He rushed Tiki
slashing at him with both swords.  Tiki jumped to the side and managed
to dodge the blows, as Azutal ran past him he kicked him in the back
sending him to the ground.
  "I'm not over yet, you stupis body snatcher."  Tiki said posing as if
ready to fight.
  "Ha your the one who trapped my soul in here, and I will not reside
here a moment longer I shall take over your body forever." Azutal
advanced on Tiki and slashed with one sword, he blocked the expected
kick from Tiki with the other sword.  He slashed and conected with
Tiki's left arm, causing Tiki to real in pain.  Azutal then lined up
for the final strike, he rushed at the wounded Tiki and slashed at his
head. Tiki bent back and as the sword passed kicked Azutal's hand,
releasing the sword into the air.
  Tiki jumped up and grabbed the sword he landed and the two spirits
rushed one another, (and in true Tenchi ANime fashion), struck one
another causing an explosion of energy to occur.  Both stood still
trying to stay up.  Until Azutal fell to the ground unconcious.
  "I... I did it, I DID IT!!!!"  Tiki summoned up the bonds of his mind
and locked Azutal away, he then rushed towards the blue orb of control.

  Meanwhile outside, the gang wasn't doing so well there were just too
many rockets to deal with.  All of a sudden Tiki began to glow a bright
light.  His eyes and mouth were filled with a white light streaming out
of them.  Then the light stopped, everyone stood staring at Tiki.  "Hey
guys, I'm baaaack."  Tiki rushed into two Rockets and ran over them.
  "Tiki catch," Jamie yelled throwing Tiki's belt of pokeballs towards
him, Tiki caught it and threw the pokeballs to the ground, suprisingly
enough an eevee came out.
  "Where'd the eevee come form?" Tiki asked.
  "It was Lewis's present to us all."  Darian replied.
  "Hm kool, I'll name it Skippy, alright Skippy you stay put.  Zip,
Bullseye, Twirl, Mints, Infenro go get em!!!" Tiki yelled, his five
pokemon joined the fray.
   With Tiki and hios pokemons help the battle was soon won and the
rockets ran away.  "Come on we need to go see what hapened to John and
Pipian."  Lewis said, "We can catch up later."  The group ran to
outside the ranch where the cops were.  They aske dif John and Pipian
were somehwere and were directed to the hospital.
   They entered their rooms to see the normal two guys surrounded by
Laramies.  "JOHN PIPIAN IM BACK, AND SO ARE YOU!!!!" Tiki yelled.
   The gang huddled around to rejoice and converse about plans.
   Meanwhile inside Tiki Azutal sat chained to a wall, "I will have my
revenge Tiki, one day I will be set free again."  Azutal smiled.

Reply by: Lewis8661

Pidgeot express was surprisingly undercrowded.  Usually, airports like
Pidgeot Express were buzzing with activity, but it was strangely scarce.
"I'm happy all this madness is finally over." Mike said.
"I know.  At least all this is finally over." Pipian said.
Lewis rubbed his eyes and said, "Ugh.  That blast from Mewtwo really
took it out of me.  I'm going to lay down in my basement for the next
two days."
"I told you he wouldn't help." Jamie said.
"Well, it was worth a try." Lewis said.
"Anyways, I have to get back on my journey too.  Clan Caterpie 2000 is
waiting for me." Mike said.
The group got onto the monstrousely large Pidgeot and they flew back to
Cerulean City.
Everyone quickly returned to the PODA HQ, except for Mike and Bridget,
who started on their way back to their old friends.

Reply by: Syke108

"Wow, they come and go quickly," remarked Jamie as they watched Mike
and Bridget disappear over the horizon. PODA deicided to head back to
the HQ. As they walked, john's eys wandered over Cerulean. as he looked
across the waters, he swore he saw a girl and a girl-guy hybrid lokking
through the grass looking for Pokémon.

"Man, I got to get some sleep, my eyes are starting to fool me."
Noticing that he was lagging behind, he rux=shed to catch up with his
friends, all thought of the pair out of is mind.

When they reached the HQ, john decided to stay outside for a while. he
took out all his Pokémon and was shocked to see that five of them had
on some strange headband. He removed them, and was immediately pounced
on by some Eeveelutions who were VERY happy their trainer was his old
self again. John pushed them off and looked at the sixth Pokémon. it
was a Tauros, a gift from Lara, and it was chewing on some grass that
was nearby. John sweatdropped, and got some Pokéchow from the cupboards
of PODA HQ. Once all had finished eating, john traded his new Tauros
for his hitmonlee, Jackie.

"Lee? Hitmonlee hit mon hit?" he asked, wondering why his trainer had
on a karate outfit.

"Well, Jackie, I propose a little one-on-one, you against me. A wise
trainer once said to know your Pokémon, you have to think like a
Pokémon. So, care for a little sparring?"

Jackie, eager to fight, struck his own pose, then cycled through a
bunch of martial arts kicks. John went through a few slow poses. Jamie
and Tiki came out to watch, then put a small wager on who would win.

"Hya!" cried John, and he charged in with a roundhouse. Jackie leaped
up, then landed on john and started a quick tap-dance. john grabbed his
Hitmonlee's foot, and did his own version of a Seismic toss. jackie
flew through the air, landed on his hands, and flipped rightside up.
the hitmonlee charged, and the two continued a grup of kick, punch,
block, thrust. their battle had brought on quite a crowd, including
Officer Jenny, who was apprehensive about letting this continue.

Five minutes later, jackie saw an opening and planted a Mega kick right
into John's face. John fell on his rump, then proceeded to trip jackie,
causing the Hitmonlee to fall flat on its face. jackie got up, and
started his patented multi-kick. john put up a strong guard, but the
viewers could tell he was weakening. Finally Jackie leaped back and
used a springboard to launch a Jump Kick. He was about to land when a
bell rang. jackie stopped his forward momentum and both looked in the
direction to see Pipian with a bell.

"Round 1 is over!" he cried, and the two combatants took time out for a
drink. after that, they went back into the pose that they were in at
Round 1's end.

(OOC: fanfic physics - gotta love it!)

Pipian hit the bell, and jackie slammed into john, who had put a block
in time. John slid back ward, slamming into a tree. he growled, then
slid across the ground and planted anuppercut. jackie flew up and
landed head first. However, he was not hurt, and the battle continued
to the delight of the crowd. jenny had long disappeared, a Squirtle
trailing behind her. John did not want to know what they were doing.

The battle continued, neither combatant asking or giving any quarter.
Some onlookers cheered for the Raichu-tailed teen, others for the
Kicking Fiend. it wsn't until dusk when both John and Jackie fell flat
on their backs. Score, dressed in an referee's outfit, ran out and
started counting. At nine Jackie managed to get up, and was crowned the
champion of the battle. Jamie looked at Tiki with a triumphant smile as
John slowly got up and the crowd began to disperse.

"Pay up, Tiki. Told you john was bitimg off more than he could chew."

Tiki grumbled, then payed the $200 cash they bet. john laughed, then
grabbed his cheek in pain.

"That smarts. Good fight, Jackie." the Hitmolee bowed, then returned to
his Pokéball to rest. john headed back into PODA HQ for a shower, than
joined his friends for Coke and pizza from the nearby restaurant.

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