[PW!] So You've Got a Problem You Say? Uh, Yes I Do Sabrina...

    "Well the only logical way to solve THIS is to go back to Sabrina..."
said Karuko.

    "I guess you're right," replied Ben/Cajava.

    The two entered the ominous gym once again and asked to speak with

    "What do you want?" asked Sabrina.

    "Uh...  As you can see, my friend has a, erhem... problem..." said

    "And what is that?"

    "Just look at me!  I know why I have this problem, but I can't just go
around like this can I?  I think I'd be much better off the way I was...
Which, of course, still gives people a shock, but I do say that I think
they'd be more shocked looking at me now..." replied Ben/Cajava.

    "AND the fact that we haven't gotten any badges and... HEY! Where's our
pokemon?" asked Karuko.

    "Well..." said Sabrina.

Reply by Syke108:

"I have a little errand for you to run for me. you see, my students
need Abras for their training. However, my gym Leader duties keep me
from getting them myself. So, could you go to Cerulean and capture a
few for me. You can use one Pokémon of yours and these Pokéballs."

Sabrina's eyes glowed, and six Pokéballs flew in front of Ben/Cajava
and Karuko. "Fine, I'll take Vice, my Pinsir."

"And I'll choose Volcano, my Vulpix." the Pokéballs appeared,
containing the Pokémon requested. Both took their Pokémon and three
Pokéballs, then left without bothering to ask why they just can't go to
Celadon and buy one.

"Because those Pokémon are not as strong as those in the wild."
Sabrina's voice coursed through the two trainer's mind. Both jumped,
then dashed for the Saffron border as quickly as possible.

Reply by: Pipian

    They quickly made it north of Cerulean and encountered an Abra in no

    "Well, if finding an Abra is this easy, we should have no trouble..."
said Ben/Cajava.

    "I wouldn't be too sure of that...  I've lived in Cerulean for 15 years,
and I know the pokes who live around here...  Abras are notoriously hard to
catch..." said Karuko.

    "Well let's see.  Go Vice!"

    The Pinsir appeared.  The Abra teleported.  Ben/Cajava sweatdropped.


    "We can try Haunter...  Maybe he can Lick it first..."

    "Yeah...  She didn't take Haunter when she gave us Vice and Volcano, did

    Karuko searched her bag.

    "Nope!  Here he is!"  Karuko said as she pulled the pokeball out of her

    "Well let's try to find another Abra..."

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