[PW!] Test of Faith

<Hey, I'd better let my team out.> said a nervous Samuraichu. <
Articuno would be yummy with pepper.>

Somehow, Darwin had so far failed to notice the six Pokeballs on
Samuraichu's belt, even when he'd checked them into a Pokecentre at
Cerulean. The battle with Luthor must have distracted him. Darwin must
have been so thrilled at finding another Pokemon with such an
independent spirit and sense of adventure, that he'd forgotten that
Samuraichu was violating everything the Eevee stood for.

And Samuraichu was too stupid to figure out what the cute little black
thing was on about anyway. After all, he himself was one of Koga's
Pokemon. Striking the Pokeballs with his palms. the Pokemon within
materialised around him.

<Jolt,> An Electrode, trademark grin stretched across her face
levitated to Samuraichu's left.

<Tentacool,> Still a baby, Tentacool sat on Samuraichu's shoulder
clapping its twin tentacles together.

<Mocha,> The Geodude hovered on Samuraichu's right, forming a perfect
V with Jolt and his master.

<Ekans,> The third of Samuraichu's Pokemon to not be ready for battle,
Ekans was content to slither along with the group.

<Tsunami,> Tsunami wasn't one of his Pokemon, only being kept in the
Pokeball so she could travel across land. That allowed Samuraichu to
carry seven Pokemon, as Tsunami was a childhood friend and didn't like
fighting anyway. The armoured Seadra dug her spined fins into the
earth, and moved with the group in large jumps.

<Expresso and Cappuci..EEEP!> He let out a startled squeal as he hit
the last Pokeball on his belt.


Having been kept in the same Pokeball for over a month during their
honeymoon, the two Koffing had melded into a Weezing, their evolved
form. Neither was the dominant head, but a smaller, third "child" node
was starting to form between them. The two gas Pokemon looked just as
cute as they did in their unevolved stage, just merged together at the

A Pokemon carrying other Pokemon seemed to break the natural order,
even if they accompanied Samuraichu of their own free will. But how
would Darwin react now that he saw one of his best friends violate his
every  belief?

Reply by: Hedgehogey

Darwin facefaulted violently. He couldn't believe he hadn't caught on that
Samuraichu was a trainer. His eyes narrowed and he seethed with rage.
Unconsciously his claws extended, as if they were independent beings, hell bent
on tasting Samaraichus blood.

Reply by Pipian:

Keri noticed this and hoped Darwin wouldn't kill her for the few pokemon
that she took care of (Very well, if you need to know).  Plus the fact of
her... history...

Continued from Hedgehogey's Previous post:

Darwin restrained himself. Killing Samaraichu would do no good, either for his
cover or for his mission. Anyway pokemon, unlike most humans could be converted
and Samaraichu seemed to be of the correct resistance mindset.
Darwin was so caught up in thinking about wether or not to kill samaraichu that
he didn't notice when he walked right into a wooden post.
Darwin looked up. <Look! This sign says "Vermilion city, 1 mile". We're almost

Continued from Pipian's Previous post:

    "Bui!" <Well then let's hurry!  It's almost dark...> said Keri.

    Meanwhile, a writer in another universe hopes that what he's doing now
will get some people into a town to which they've been traveling for a

    "Rai..." <OK, then...>

    "If I recall correctly, I think there's a Pokecenter on the north side
of Vermillion," said Orion.  Noticing Darwin still glaring at Samuraichu, he
added, "Of course that's if you want to stay there...  I don't know about
you, being pokemon and all, but *I* haven't slept in a bed for a few weeks
now, with that debacle with my friend and all.  That reminds me...  I wonder
how he's doing..."

Reply by: Hedgehogey

<Fe...Decadent humans. I think a few weeks in the open air would do you good.>
Darwin said.

Continued from Pipian's Previous Post:

    "Pe..." <What is this 'bed' of yours, Orion?  Is it comfortable?> asked

    "You sleep on it...  Or at least Humans do.  That's got to tell you
something...  You don't know until you try..."

    <I'm not one of Human persuasion, but I must find out what this 'bed' is
before I make my decision on the matter...>

Continued from Hedgehogey's Previous Post:

<That's funny, I could have sworn your greed and vanity matched that of
Darwin said, in a tone calculated to infuriate. Blizzard unsheathed her claws
but a warning look from Samuraichu brought them both back to their senses.

Continued from Pipian's Previous Post:

    Just then, a human ran past yelling something to the effect of some
newly discovered areas, namely some islands and an area west of Viridian...

    "Bui..." <I wonder what that was all about...> said Keri.

Continued from Hedgehogey's Previous Post:

<Probably the latest wilderness the humans are destroying.> Darwin said.

<With new rare pokemon!> Samuraichu said, starry eyed.

<And untold riches!> Blizzard piped up.

<Don't get too excited. We've got to beat Liutenant Surge, remember?> Orion
said, bringing them all back to earth.

The group walked uneventfully through peaceful, seaside streets towards the
pokecenter. When they arrived everyone but Darwin walked in, looking for the
free beds and lodging. <No, i'm not coming in. I sleep under the stars, like a
real pokemon. Anyone joining me?> Darwin said, in response to questions about
him coming in.

Reply by: Bandraptor

<I think I shall accept this opportunity to investigate the human phenomenon
known as 'beds'.> Blizzard smirked, <After all, accusations of greed and vanity
are inconsequential, when compared to, say, the hovering threat of being
devoured by a wild Pokémon. Wouldn't you agree, Darwin?> The large Persian
licked her chops, and snapped her jaws shut inches in front of Darwin's face;
then started off towards the bedrooms, without waiting for his response.

From Blizzard's vantage point, the bedrooms looked very inviting. She could see
through the door that they were longer than they were wide, each one having
about a dozen beds set up perpendicular to the longer pair of walls. At the far
end of each bedroom was a fireplace, meant to accommodate trainers who had just
returned from a day of fishing in Vermilion Bay, but looked equally tempting to
a Persian who had been wandering around in the cold for the past few days.

However, even more alluring than the fireplace, were the structures Orion had
referred to as 'beds'. Each of the beds looked soft and comfy, and was covered
by a thin sheet of fabric that resembled the hide of a baby Seel. And, at the
very head of each bed was a poofy, fluffy, downy white object that looked like
an overstuffed marshmallow--or a Jigglypuff!  Blizzard's eyes shimmered with
joy, as she ran towards the room...

"No wild Pokémon allowed in the dorms! Not only is it a hazard to trainers, but
you'll get fur all over the blankets!" Nurse Joy tossed Blizzard outside, right
next to Darwin. Joy then turned to the giant Raichu, "Samuraichu! I've heard
about you--of course you can stay! Just remember, no visiting the Pikachus
after midnight!" The door to the Pokémon Center slammed shut.

Blizzard glanced at the door, and then down at Darwin, who had a self-satisfied
smirk plastered on his face. "Shian..."

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