[PW!] Time for a Break From PODA

    Pipian sat down in his chair.

    "I propose a cheer for the return of Tiki, Pipian, and John!" said

    "Yeah!  Good idea!" said Score.  "This ought to be a good occasion of
SOME sort..."

    "Cheers!"  They all said clinking their aluminum Coke cans together.

    "Hey, that reminds me..." said Jamie.  She threw a pokeball to Pipian
and Score.  "Presents from Lewis.  Eevees.  John, if you don't want it, I'm
sure Lewis would understand..."

Reply by: Syke108:

"I'll pass on that. Any more Eevees and I'll surely be flamed to the
pits of Hell." The others stared at him. John went back to chewing his

Continued by Pipian from previous post:

   "Thanks," said Pipian.

    "Know what?" said Tiki in between chomping on his slice of pizza.


    "I've decided I wanna take a break from PODA for a little while.  The
past few months since John and Pipian's incident have been quite hectic...
I think I'm gonna go on a training trip and collect a few more badges."

    "Sounds like a good idea to me,"  said Score.

    "Anyone wanna come with me?" asked Tiki.

    The group pondered matters for a moment, before Pipian spoke up.

    "You know what?  I think taking a break from this would be a good idea.
I think I'll go on a trip, too...  I have 5 or 6 badges.  Wanna come with,

Reply by: Lewis19

Lewis rubbed his eyes.
"Come to think of it, I might come with too." Lewis said.
Everyone stared at him.
"Don't you already have nine badges?" Tiki asks.
"Well, the thing is, my family travelled a lot on business trips for my
dad, and I only earned my badges against Brock, Misty, Surge, and
Sabrina.  The others I either found or bought." Lewis replies.
"Wait a sec, you FOUND an Earthbadge???" Jamie asked.
"When we took a trip to Viridian, the gym was closed.  There was an
entire box of badges sitting at the curb, waiting to be picked up by
Garbage trucks." Lewis explains.
"Then you don't know who the Gym leader is?" John asked.
"No, not really." Lewis asked.
Everyone facefaulted.
"Come to think of it, when I did pass by it, I had this very large
Deja-Vu feeling, like I'd been there before.  But that would be silly.
Anyway, I'm going to finish up the escape pod I'm building-" Lewis says.
"Escape pod?" Score interrupted.
"Yah.  Eventually, Team Rocket will come back for revenge over what
happened with John and Pipian.  Just in case it looks like the  HQ will
fall, I'm installing an escape pod in my room." Lewis explains.
"Well, good luck." Pipian replies.
"Where did you get the money and parts for an escape pod?" Tiki asks.
Lewis rolled his eyes.  "Oh I dunno, maybe it's because I'm rich?"
"Oh yeah..." John says, sweatdropping.

Continued from Syke108's Post above:

"Hey, if you don't mind, I want to stay here in Cerulean for a while
and train my Pokémon for a bit. Besides, I heard that some kind of a
Pokémon Derby is being planned for Fuschia. It's not official yet, but
once it is I'll send in my new Tauros. Anyways, I had enough action to
last me a while." John downed the rest of his Coke in one gulp and
grabbed another one for the road. "I'm off to the Celadon Gym for a
quick challenge against Misty. Ariel vs. Starmie in a challenge of
their abilities. And this time I'll steer clear of Raticates."

The others acknowledged, then Tiki, Pipian, Score and Lewis noticed
there was only one piece of pizza left. They stared at each other for a
bit, then each went at it the same time. John heard the ruckus all the
way from the Gym.

Reply by Pipian:

    After Tiki won the piece of pizza (using such tactics as hitting,
biting, using hot wax, and similar stuff, Pipian decided to limp to his

Reply by: Marco262

"I think I'm going to have to leave soon to," said Darian.

"Really? Why's that?" asked Tiki, after the pizza fight resolved.

"I need to keep searching for my purpose on this world."

"Purpose?" they all asked at once.

"I think it has to do with this Minax person. Although I don't think it's
good." he said, taking another sip of his Citra.

"Why do you always drink non-caffienated pop?" Score asked.

"Just trying to keep healthy. I want to live a long life." When noone laughed,
Darian sweatdropped and continued.

"So where do you think I should go? I'd like to find her as soon as possible,"
he said.

"Probably Viridian City," said Tiki, "The Pokémon league games going to be over
soon and everyone's going to go there."

"Thanks you guys," said Darian, smiling. "I'll go pack my things. Catch you on
the flip side!" He walked out the room.

Continued from Pipian's Previous Post:

    "Let's see..."

    He released his 6 pokemon.  The floor bent.  He took off their

    "OK...  Oddly...  Jynx...  Haunter...  Iiryu...  Kadabra...  Jon...  Who
do I have in store?  Volt...  Lucky...  Pyro...  Cotten...  Windows...
OK...  I think I'll take...  Kadabra, Oddly, Iiryu, Cotten, Pyro, and

    He called his pokemon back into his pokéballs and then exchanged some
for the others he wanted.  Then he got an idea.  He found some old circuit
boards and electronics in his room and quickly conjured up some little
devices and coded a little something in his computer.

    "These ought to help things for later."

    He then gathered some items into his backpack and got ready to go off.
Before he left his room, he quickly flamed a health food store.  No one knew
why he did that.  He just did.

    "Tiki?" said Pipian.

    "Yeah?" said Tiki.

    "Here.  This might come in handy."

    "What is it?"

    "Oh, it's a slight improvement of the tracking program we were working
on.  These little handheld devices can send signals on the pokeball transfer
frequency to my computer.  Anyone can use this little gadget to find the

    "So?  That doesn't sound very different."

    "Ah!  But here's the beauty of it.  It can plug into a Pokédex (if you
want) to identify what pokemon the other person has, and it also can use
either the pokédex's built-in microphone, or a separate one to send a
message to anyone!"


    "Well, before you leave, could you give these ones to the others?
This'll really help when it comes to coming back together again.  Make sure
you enter your correct name."

    "Sure.  You're leaving now?"

    "Yeah.  Nothing against you, but I have different places to go and see.
Maybe you might meet me (by accident) and we might go on together."

    "Well, OK."

    "Tell everyone bye for me, will yaw?"


    "OK, Bye."

    With that, Pipian left the HQ and began to work his way eastward to the
Rock Tunnel.

Continued from Syke108's previous post:

John entered the Gym and saw Misty feeding her Horsea. "Hey, Misty, how
are you?"

Misty was so surprised she fell into the pool. Resurfacing, she got
back on dry land and smacked John with a slap.

"Next time, please knock. And also, it's good to see you again! What
happened that caused your disappearance? It's not like you to go
without telling your friends."

"I wasn't myself for a while, sort of an out-of-mind experience.
Anyways, are you up to a little challenge, Ariel and Starmie?"

Misty's eyes burned with fire. "You bet I am! any specific challenge?
Battle? Challenge?"

"Let's go for a challenge. You got the targets?"

"Ash! Get your lazy butt over here!" Ash Ketchum ran over. Well, a look-
alike came over.

"What's with the imitation?"

"I still havn't gotten over his inability to repay me for my bike, so I
got this lookalike to take his place as a punching bag. He's the

John raised one eyebrow, then brought out Ariel. Misty sent out Starmie.

"Okay! Whoever can hit him the most time in twenty seconds wins the
first round! Starmie, Water Gun!"

"Ash" started doging like crazy as Starmie zipped around the gym,
sending blasts of water at him. Occasionally, it would hit him squre in
whatever body part was closest, a point that occasionally made John
cringe. finally, the twenty seconds was up.

"Judges?" asked Misty. A 10 appeared on a screen.

"10 times! Beat that, Mickey!"

Ariel leaped onto the starting gate. At the bell, she started with a
Water Gun, knocking 'Ash' off his feet. With him down Ariel snagged a
few more guns in the first five seconds. If he tried to escape she
would use the pool as a cutoff point and soak him again.

"Time! Judges?" A 15 appeared. Misty facefaulted. "Well, you won this
one, but next is skeet-shooting. this time, there's no human error."

The two Pokémon leaped into the pool and floated there, awaiting
orders. Finally, a small skeet appeared. "Water Gun!" shouted misty.
Starmie launched the blast, smashing the skeet. Ariel was next, and the
skeet went down quickly. finally, they had each smashed two skeets.
This time, it was both Pokémon and one skeet. the skeet flew.

"Ariel, water Gun!" The blst flew, and the Vaporeon made it one-all.

"Now, a race though my special pool!" Misty hit a switch and rings
popped up all over the pool. She explained. Both Pokémon had to follow
the arrows and make it through each hoop. A Pokémon could not continue
until it went throug the hoop, so an error could cost the race. Ariel
and Starmie awaited at the starting line while Misty brought out a
popgun. "ready...set...and...go!" She pulled the trigger, and a small
pop bounced across the Gym, startling Togepi. the little egg dashed
through the Gym, going through the exact same course as the racers. In
fact, the egg was so scared, it overcame the racers and was the first
to finish the race. "The winner is.. Togepi!" Misty and John

The real racers were neck-to-appendage, neither getting ahead of the
other. They left the pool, zooming across the wet areas. when they
leaped through the last hoop leading to the water, a sudden whirlpool
appeared. "Oh no!" Both yelled. Ariel and Starmie hit the water and
were suddenly filled with a Thunderbolt..A net came out and snagged the
two. John knew it had to be Team Rocket!

"Great! That's all I need. misty, you got psyduck?"

"No. That dumb duck ate one too many fruits and is at the Pokécenter
with a stomachache! Oh, how I wish he would evolve!" the two TR agents
leaped out of hiding and released a farsome group of pokémon.
Kangaskahn, Scyther, Pinsir, Golem... John was a little worried. John
sent out jackie and his Tauros, and Spark as well. Misty sent out
Staryu, but she was not exactly ready for this.

"Tauros, Stomp! Jackie, Rolling kick! Spark, Bite!"

His Pokémon charged, but at the last second bounced off a strange wall.
Two of the four figures popped out. A Mr. Mime and a Kadabra!

"Crap! The team's getting stronger! and jenny's never around when you
need them!" A sudden confusion sent all his Pokémon against the wall,
John and Misty as well. John slowly got up and glanced in Misty's
direction. The Leader was out cold.

"I don't like this at all," he thought, sweat dripping down his face.

Reply by ShiningTiger to Syke108:

Tyger was just coming back from a shocking experience, after trying to catch a
Pikachu that turned out to belong to Ash Ketchum.  Dejected and hoping for
sympathy from his only love, Misty, he was on his way to the Gym.  As he
reached the entrance, he heard a crash from inside.
"Great, another emergency!  Mystery, Splash, Aussie, come on!"
With a flash of opening pokéballs, Tyger and Co. ran inside to see the ensuing
"Lovely, some bozo's attacking the Gym!  Mystery, let loose with Metronome, and
make it good!  Aussie, I need you to take out that Mr. Mime"
both pokémon let loose with their attacks while Tyger picked up his flopping
"Here goes something.  FISH MISSILE!"
The Magikarp went flying through the air, unblocked due to the bonemerang
distraction on the Mr. Mime provided by Aussie.  It struck the Kadabra square
in the face, sending it flying through the wall, while Splash...well, splashed
into the pool and sank.
Mystery's Metronome attack went wild, spraying Razor leaves throught the
Meanwhile, the water where Splash fell began to boil and churn...and then to

Reply by Lewis19 to Pipian's Previous Post:

"Alright Charcolt, weld in the release mechanism!" Lewis said, holding
the lever in his hands, and Charmander flamethrowed the mechanism into
the holding part.
"Now back into the pokeball!  We have work to do." Lewis said.
Charcolt went back into its pokeball, and Lewis closed the bookcase
which behind held the only emergency escape route out of the HQ.
"Computer, shut down everything!  Activate lock sequencers, laser trip
beams, and engage security program Epsilon one." Lewis commanded.
all the lights shut off, and secuirty beams flipped on everywhere.
"There, that should do it." Lewis said, walking upstairs.

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