[PW!] Chaoticllama Continues On

{Irrelevant Part of the Story Snipped}... When it got dark
Chaoticllama headed for the underground tunnel. He wanted to go and visit
Surge. When he got into the tunnel, rapidash instantly lit up the joint.
Up ahead he saw a trainer. "HOWDY THERE!" he drawled down the tunnel. He
rode on up and caught up with him, then he slowed down and dismounted.
Chaoticllama stuck his broad hand out. They shook hands. "Howdy, I'm
Chaoticllama, what's yer name." asked Chaoticllama. "I'm orion, whats that
symbol on your shoulder?" he asked. "That's the Flyin L Ranch brand." said
Chaoticllama. "That's the only black rapidash I've ever seen" said Orion.
"Well, nethier of us ever fit in with a crowd. We been pals since about
birth I reckon." replied Chaoticllama.


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