[PW!] Pipian's Pokémonification

The first part of Pipian's partially completed saga is going up.

It was Friday, and he dropped his bag when he got home. He ran into his
sister's room and began to fiddle with her Pokémon cartridge. He fiddled
with the game's prongs and then, all of a sudden, was surrounded by an eerie
white light. When it faded, he was not in her room anymore. It seemed
different than any of the rooms in his house. He walked downstairs.

"Wait, there are no stairs in my house!" he thought to himself.

Downstairs, he saw a woman who he immediatley thought was his mother,
though it was not.

"She's not my mom," he thought, "and yet she is!"

"Isn't it time to start your Pokémon adventure?" she asked.

"Wait, Pokémon?" he thought. "I must have been warped into the Pokémon

"Where am I?" Pipian asked."

"You are in Saffron City, remember? Now make sure that before you
leave, you get your Abra and your Jynx and go to your last class with


As Pipian got his Abra and his Jynx, and as he walked to Saffron Gym, he
wondered what the tingly feeling in his head was. The more he thought about
it, the more it tingled, but before long, it stopped tingling. He walked by
some people and heard their echoing voices, despite the fact that he could
not see their mouths moving.

"Oh cool! I must have psychic abilities!" he thought to himself, being
sure not to announce itto the world.

"You must use this talent wisely, and not fool with it," an odd voice
said in his head.

"Who are you?" he called out in his new thought-speak way of

"Who am I? Now is not the time to know."

The voice disappeared and Pipian entered Saffron Gym for the first, but
not first, and last time.

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