[PW!] Orion's Journey Begins

Orion had gone to Misty's Gym for his final lesson, and was now saying goodbye to his parents for his long Pokémon adventure.

"Goodbye son," said his mom and dad.

"Goodbye!" said Orion.

Orion decided to take the roundabout way to Route 5, as he was preparing
to challenge Brock, after he went to Vermillon City and through the
Diglett's cave. He walked past many places he had known. He walked past
the Bike Shop, the Pokécenter, Misty's Gym, all of the things he knew, he
was leaving.

"Oh well," he sighed.

He continued around Cerulean until he reached Route 5.

"Oh, I'm on a Pokémon journey, yes I am. To catch all the pokémon I
can, yessiree. Yes, I'm on my Pokémon journey, yes I'm on my Pokémon
journey, yes I'm on my Pokémon journey, yes I am," he sang to himself as he
walked down the bike route.

When he had a chance to capture a pokémon, he did not take it. A
mysterious force seemed to keep Orion from the open pokémon fields. When he
neared the end of Route 5, the same mysterious force pulled him toward the
underground route under Saffron. There seemed to be something that said,
"Do not go to Saffron City. It is not time."

And so, he entered the underground tunnel.

Here's the first Orion story. This one is probably lamer than Pipian's
story so far, but it'll get interesting soon.
How did you like it?


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