[PW!] Orion meets Chaoticllama... and says goodbye to Chaoticllama

"Ahh!" said Orion. "I just started on my Pokémon journey and I just
left Cerulean."

"So you beat Misty and Brock?" asked Chaoticllama.

"No, I have come from Cerulean. I doubt any of my water pokémon could
beat your Rapidash (even with their advantage) seeing as your Rapidash is
evolved and is no doubt much more powerful"

"Well, I don't know about that, but you're probably right. What do you

Orion released his Squirtle and his Staryu.

"Yes, they do have an advantage versus fire, but they're probably not
strong enough to beat my Rapidash. Where are ya goin'?"

"To Vermillion and throught Diglett's Cave to defeat Brock and capture
new pokémon. Where are you going?"

"To meet Surge."

"Well maybe I'll see you again someday."

"Maybe," said Chaoticllama as he galloped on his black Rapidash into the
darkness ahead. Orion was left all alone again.


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