[PW!] Orion Exits the Underground Tunnel and Catches a Mankey

Last time: Orion left home in Cerulean City, walked down Route 5, and was
pushed away by a mysterious force from the open pokémon fields and the
Saffron City entrance. He entered the Underground tunnel where he met
Chaoticllama and said goodbye to him.

Orion continued on in the tunnel and eventually reached the end.

"That was a long tunnel!" he commented to himself.

He continued down Route 6, until he found some pokémon fields.

"Ooh! Pokémon fields! At least they should have the same pokémon as on
Route 5."

He walked into them a ways, and then he saw a Mankey foraging for food.

"Good! A Mankey!"

"Go Staryu!"

The Mankey saw this and prepared to fight.

"Staryu, use water gun!"

The water gun hurt the Mankey badly, but it wasn't weakened enough to
throw a pokéball at it. The Mankey then used scratch on Staryu. Staryu was
hurt, too.

"Staryu, use tackle!"

The Mankey was near fainting when the pokéball captured it.

"Yea! I caught a Mankey! My first captured pokémon!"

My second Orion story, How do you like it? Is anyone reading these?



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