[PW!] Sabrina's Class and Pipian Leaves Saffron

Last Time: Pipian was mysteriously zapped into the Pokémon universe in
Saffron City, where he trains under Sabrina. He also learns that he has
psychic powers.

As he walked into Saffron Gym, the receptionist pointed down the
hallway, and with the reverberating thought-speak saying, "The class is down
the hallway in room 102."

He walked down the hallway and saw room 102. He walked in and sat in a
desk. Sabrina walked in and the class settled down.

"I trust that all of you have practiced and done well with your
pokémon," she said.

"Yes, Madam Sabrina," the kids responded.

"Then there is one last thing I must give you before you begin, the
latest version of Professor Oak's Pokédex."

"We will gladly accept your gift."

The children lined up as Sabrina began to give out the Pokédexes.

"Now it is time for you to start your journey. Go out, battle, and
maybe you will beat me someday."

The children left the building as they walked home. As Pipian walked
back to his house, he tried to think about his past, but he was slowly
forgetting his real world past as it was being replaced, slowly, but surely
with the Pipian's memory from the Pokémon universe. He eventually went
inside his house.

"I guess its time to give you your money and map," his mother said.

The money and map were given to Pipian, and as he left, he said his

As he walked around Saffron, he wondered where he would go...

OK, so the title is slightly incorrect, but this is Pipian's second part.



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