[PW!] Orion err... to the Rescue: Part 2

Orion followed the footprints to the underground tunnel.
"Hmm... It'll be hard to track in here, but I think they might have some
sort of hidden room in the tunnel," Orion thought.

Orion and Chaoticllama's Rapidash descended into the dark tunnel, but
the Rapidash's flames lit the nearby areas of the tunnel. They slowly, but
surely walked through the tunnel, looking for anything suspicious. Then
they found a clue.

"There is a belt with pokéballs on it. It must have fallen off
someone's waist..." he thought.

He picked up the pokéballs and said, "Go pokéballs!"

Out popped a Pikachu and a Tauros. The Tauros had the Flying L Ranch
brand on it.

"Are these Chaoticllama's?" Orion asked the Rapidash.

It nodded and neighed. Orion returned the two pokémon to their balls.

"He must be around here somewhere, then..." Orion thought.

"There's an odd wall break right there..." he said. "He must be in
there. But, how do I get it open... Maybe I can use Mankey to knock the
door down. Go Mankey!"

Mankey came out of his pokéball.

"Mankey, try to knock the wall down."

Mankey began to hammer the wall down, bit by bit. Eventually, there was
a hole small enough for Chaoticllama's Pikachu to fit through.

"Go Chaoticllama's Pikachu!"

Chaoticllama's Pikachu appeared.

"I know I'm not your trainer, Pikachu, but just do this to save him.
Pikachu, walk through the hole in the wall and try to open the door from the

Pikachu went inside, and opened the door.

"Go pokéballs!" said Orion as he let all the pokémon out.

"Be careful, Team Rocket is inside!"

---------------------------Fade to Chaoticllama-----------------------

Chaoticllama awoke in a strange dark room to a throbbing headache and a
chipping sound outside.

"Why am I here?" he asked.

"You don't need to know," said a Team Rocket member while pushing the
tied up Chaoticllama to the back of the room.

The five Team Rocket members left, assembled at the front of the room.

--------------------------Fade to Orion--------------------------

Orion and the Pokémon entered the room when some cheesy melodramatic
music came on:

"To protect the world from devestation!"

"To unite all peoples within our nation!"

"To denounce the goodness of truth and love!"

"To extend our wrath to the stars above!"





"We're Team Rocket! Circling Earth both day and night!"

"Surrender now or prepare to fight!"

"Meowth! That's right!"

"I thought you were all enemies!" said Orion.

"Well, boss told us to work together, so we had to," they replied. "Go
Arbok! Weezing! Meowth! Raticate! Drowzee!"

"Go Mankey! Squirtle! Staryu! Rapidash! Pikachu! Tauros!"

"Arbok! Bite Squirtle!"

"Weezing! Sludge Staryu!"

"Meowth! Bite Mankey!"

"Raticate! Quick Attack Pikachu!"

"Drowzee! Confusion on Tauros!"

They all took damage.

"Mankey! Karate Chop Meowth!"

Meowth yelped and ran behind the other four Team Rocket members.

"Squirtle! Water Gun Arbok!"

Arbok took much damage.

"Staryu! Water Gun Weezing!"

Weezing fainted.

"Weezing return!"

"Pikachu! Thunder Wave Raticate, then Thundershock it!"

Raticate became paralyzed and then fainted.

"Raticate return!"

"Tauros! Stomp Drowzee!"

Drowzee took much damage.

"Rapidash! Ember Drowzee!"

Drowzee fainted.

"Drowzee return!"

"Err, Arbok... Bite Squirtle again!"

Squirtle almost fainted.

"Squirtle! Water Gun Arbok!"

Arbok fainted.

"Arbok return!"

"Umm... Do you think we should run away?"


"Looks like Team Rocket's running away again!" they all said running out
the door.

Squirtle began to glow.

"Oh! Cool! Squirtle's evolving!"

"Wartortle!" it said.

"Wartortle, Staryu, Tauros, Mankey, Pikachu, return!"

They went back to their pokéballs.

"OK, let's untie you, Chaoticllama!"

Orion quickly untied Chaoticllama and gave him Rapidash and his pokémon

"I really should be going," he said. "Thank you for rescuing me. Maybe
we will join forces against Team Rocket some day."

"We could join forces now... But you'd have to follow me to Brock and
that stuff. You've probably done that already."

"Yah, we might meet again someday."

"So long," they both said as Chaoticllama left the room.

Meanwhile, in a room high above in a tower in Celedon City...

"What do you mean you lost?" said a man. "I want no excuses, go to
Vermillion and get him there!"

"Yes, boss..."



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