[PW!] Pipian Gets an Oddish

Last Time: Pipian had his last class from Sabrina and is still trying to
figure out what happened. He left home and is wondering where he should go.

"I've got it!" he thought. "I'll go to Vermillion and go through the
Diglett's Cave to see Professor Oak.

He procede to walk to Route 6 and once there, remembered something else.

"Wait, I'll need a pokémon that knows cut. I hope I can get one."

He looked in his pokédex to see which ones he could capture around here
that could be taught cut.

It replied, "Oddish: Grass/Poison type pokémon. Compatible with 13
different TM's. Also compatible with HM1: Cut. Able to be found on Route 5:
Lvs. 13, 15, and 16; Route 6: Lvs. 13, 15, 16; Route 24: Lvs. 12-14; Route
25: Lvs. 12-14."

"Route 6 is the route I'm on! Good!" he thought to himself.

Then, in the distance, he saw a plant lying on its side. He ran up to
it used the Pokédex.

"This pokémon is: Oddish: Lv. 20. It knows: Absorb, Poison Powder,
Sleep Powder, and Cut. It is no longer owned."

The Oddish seemed to seemed to cry and whine.

"Are you hurt?"

"Oddish, odd, oddish," it said as it nodded its head.

"Will you join me in my quest if I heal you?"

"Oddish, odd, oddish," it said nodding his head again.

Pipian grabbed one of his empty pokéballs. He threw it at the Oddish,
and it disappeared. He opened the pokéball again.

"Oddish," it said.

"Here you go."

Pipian sprayed some potion on the Oddish as it began to smile.

"How about if I call you 'Oddly'?"

"Oddish!" it said, jumping for joy.

"Oddly, return!"

The Oddish jumped back into the pokéball, now healed.

"Let's see, there are also Pidgeys, Mankeys, and Meowths here."

Just then he saw another pokémon up the road.

Is anyone reading these Pipian posts? I'll need some interaction around
Vermillion in a few posts. Not with Orion. I've got plans for him.



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