[PW!] Pipian and Orion continue

Sorry I've been gone for two weeks, but the end of school pulled me off
track. Anyway...

What happened since we Pipian and Orion? Well, they continued through
Diglett's cave and then Orion went down to Viridian, where he got his Tauros
(the gift from chaocticllama). They cointinued through Viridian Forest
where Pipian got a pikachu and Orion caught a weedle. They battled Brock
when they reached Pewter City. They continued through Mt. Moon where they
saw and battled Team Rocket for the first time (with the exception of
Orion). They battled Misty once they reached Cerulean and continued on
(after meeting Orion's parents) to Vermillion where they battled Lt. Surge.
They went around again and are now in Lavender Town.

"What should we do here?" asked Orion.

"I don't know," replied Pipian.

"Should we go up in the Pokémon Tower to catch some ghost pokémon?"


They entered Pokémon Tower where they saw a lady.

"You boys are not allowed in until you buy a Silph Scope."

"OK," they said as they paid for the Silph Scopes.

"You may go in."

They entered the lobby of the tower, where they saw many trainers
mourning for their late pokémon. They walked up stairs and heard a laugh.

"What is it?" asked Orion.

Pipian pulled out his Pokédex and it chimed, "Gastly, a ghost pokémon.
Can only be seen with a Silph Scope until it is caught in a pokéball."

"Ahh!" they both said as they pulled out their Silph Scopes.

Then they saw it. The black ball in the middle of a purple gas.

"So that's Gastly! I'm Gonna catch it!" said Orion as he pulled out his
newly evolved Gloom.

"Icy! Stun spore now!"

Before the Gastly could do anything, he was stunned.

"Icy, Razor leaf now!"

The Gastly was weakened greatly.

"Go Pokéball!"

The pokéball trapped Gastly and then stopped wiggling.

"Yea! I caught Gastly!"

They continued upstairs. A deeper laugh ensued.

"Haunter, a ghost type pokémon. The second evolution of Gastly. Only
visible with the aid of a Silph Scope until caught."

Pipian pulled out his Kadabra (it evolved after battling Brock).

"Kadabra, Psybeam now!"

It obeyed and the Haunter nearly fainted.

"Go pokéball!"

The pokéball wiggled and then stopped.

"I caught Haunter!"

They walked out of the Tower and pondered where they should go next.
They decided to go to Fuschia City.

How do you like it?


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