[PW!] Koga and the Soul Badge!

Last Time: Pipian and Orion were walking from Lavender Town to Fuschia City
when TR came. They fought and P&O won, and they continued into Fuschia

"Why don't we go to the Safari Zone to catch some pokémon in the Safari
zone to help us with our gym battles?" asked Orion as he petted Mankey and
scratched behind his ears.

"Nah! I say we battle Koga first and then possibly go to the Safari
zone," said Pipian as he fed Oddly some Prof. Oak's Pokéchow (100% good).

"OK, that's fine!"

They released all their pokémon, thinking that they probably needed some
stretch and exercise, as they left the pokécenter. They walked to Koga's
gym and then wandered through his maze of invisible walls. They eventually
reached the pokémon arena, where Koga was waiting.

"Are you here to battle?" asked Koga.

"Yes," replied Orion, "and I'll go first."

"OK then, two-on-two. Go Koffing!"

"Go Wartortle!"

Wartortle hopped up in front of Orion.

"Water Gun!"

Koffing was down but not out.

"Koffing! Sludge attack!"

Wartortle was hurt, but not nearly as much as Koffing was.

"Wartortle! Bubble!"

Koffing, being close to fainting, fainted after this attack.

"Koffing return!"

"Wartortle return! Go Tauros!"

"Go Muk!"

+ "Tauros! Stomp!"

Muk nearly disintegrated, and was very weak.

"Muk! Pound!"

Tauros was hurt by this attack.

"Tauros! Tackle!"

Muk fainted.

"You have proven yourself a worthy trainer! Here is your Soul Badge!"

Orion then walked to the sidelines to watch Pipian's battle.

"I am next, and I will prove myself a very worthy trainer. As much as
he," said Pipian.

"OK then, you know the rules."

"Go Jonpageori!"

"Go Koffing!"

"Jonpageori! Sing!"

The Jigglypuff sang Koffing to sleep.

"Now double slap!"

Koffing was hit 4 times and was near fainting.

"Now pound!"

Koffing fainted.

"Koffing return! Go Weezing!"

"Jonpageori return! Go Oddly! Absorb!"

Oddly absorbed out some of Weezing's energy.

"Weezing! Self-Destruct!"

Weezing self-desructed, fainting himself, and Oddly was badly hurt, and
about to faint, but she held on and won the match for Pipian.

"Thank you Oddly!"

"Oddish, Odd, Odd!" (Oh, it was nothing!)

"You have rightfully earned this soul badge!"

"Thank you!"

The two friends and their pokémon walked out the door. Pipian was
walking while watching his pokémon when he accidentally bumped into someone,
knocking their backpack off and spilling multiple pokéballs.

"I'm so terribly sorry! I'll pick this up for you. Are you perchance a
pokémon trainer?"

"Yes I am."

"Hey, what's your name?"


There we go, a spot for some one to jump in!


------------------RE: By Tiki---------------------
"My name's Tiki," Tiki said, "What's your name?"

"I'm Pipian," the one that had bumped into Tiki said.

"And I'm Orion," the other one said.

Both were sporting shiny new Soul Badges. "I see you came from
the Gym, I hope you didn't beat Koga too badly, I was hoping for a
battle." Tiki said.

"Actually I think Koga is in a desperate need of a visit to the
Pokecenter." Pipian replied.

"Oh well maybe I'll challenge him some other time. Tiki bent
over and picked up his stuff. "So where are you two hea...." before
Tiki could finish he fainter to the ground, while he was unconcious he
started having the vision of the girl, and the magnemite, then it
stopped and he saw Dreadite, and Mewtwo together.

Okay this will give Jamie time to get here, you guys better help me, I
don't want to die lying in a dirt rode in Fuschia.

------------------RE: By Syke6888 L---------------

After winning a badge from Koga and recharging his Pokémon, John decided
to head to the Safari Zone. But then, he saw a strange boy faint.
"What's going on over there?" he wondered. Then he ran over to

"Who are you?" said one of the other two people. "call me John, John
Laramie. Any idea what happened?"

"I'm not too sure myself. Tiki here was about to pick up his stuff when
he fainted. By the way, my name's Pipian and this is Orion."

"Charmed. Now let's get this guy to the hospital."

TBC? (I hope so.)

(OOC: Hey Pipian, thanks for the offer to interact. This is awesome!
Okay, one of you continue, I'm not toosure what happened.)

------------------RE: By Tiki---------------------

Tiki started coming around, in a hospital bed.

"Hey he's starting to come around," Orion said. However Tiki
heard only gargles. Tiki opened his eyes, but in his confused state
all he saw was (what appeared to him)Mewtwo, and Dreadite figures. As
a sort of reaction, Tiki realed up sending a Psychic shock-wave out,
knocking his new friends down to their feet. Then Tiki started
realizing what was happening, he saw that his new friends, Orion and
Pipian were there. And some guy Tiki didn't know.

"Oh I'm sorry I thought you guys were someone else," Tiki said as
the three got up. "Thank you Pipian, Orion, and and, I'm sorry I don't
know your name." Tiki said.

"My name's John," John held out his hand and Tiki shook it.

"My name's Tiki, what happened?"

"Doctor said, something about Psychic Shock, I don't anything
other than that." Pipian said.

Then a doctor came in, "Why hello, Tiki, how are you doing?" he

"Fine I guess," Tiki replied, "What happened to me."

"Well you seem to have a Psychic link with someone, you had a
flash of that person's life, and it overwhelmed your senses so you
fainted," the doctor said, "Unfortunatly there's nothing we can do so
the pnly option we have is to let you go, and tell you to try and be
with people at all times, so you don't get hurt." the doctor left then.

"That's the second time this has happened in two days, me
fainting, anyway thanks a bunch you guys."

"No problem, glad to help, som where are you headed?" Orion said.

"I'm looking for someone," Tiki replied.

"Who, if you don't mind my asking?" John inguired.

"A Rocket named Dreadite, he's in trouble, and while I'm not a pro
rocket, I think I have some conecction with him."

"Well would you like to travel with us, who knows we might be able
to find him together?" Pipian asked.

"You don't want to travel with me, there are a lot of people out
to get me, right now." Tiki said.

"Hey it will be easier to deal with the more people you're with,
and you heard what the doctor said, stay with someone." Orion replied.

"Okay why not, how about you John want to tag along?" Tiki asked.

"Sure thing," John replied.

"Okay then it's settled, Orion and I were planning on going to the
Safari Zone so should we go?" Pipian asked.

"Fine with me," John and Tiki said in unison.

"Just one thing," Tiki said," If you see a Scyther there with a
big lump on it's head steer clear." The others looked puzzled but
didn't really care what Tiki meant. "Oh where's all my stuff?"

Orion handed Tiki his belt with his five pokeballs on it, and then
gave him his staff and clothes.

"We'll give you some privacy," Pipian said, and all three left, as
soon as they were gone, Tiki checked to make sure the syrum was in
tact, thankfully it was. Tiki got dressed, got packed signed himself
out then they all walked to the Safari zone.

They each bought some Safari Balls, and after some wandering
around, Tiki saw something in a bush. With some closer investingation
he found a wild Pidgeot (Which is very rare because most are used for
Pidgeot Express) (Also they're not common to the Safari Zone but they
can fly so there's no reason they shouldn't be in here). Tiki called
it over and gave it some food, the Pidgeot was quite happy, then it
turned, around and Tiki threw a Safari Ball. It engulfed the Bird, and
dropped to the ground. A red light glowed for a little and then

"Alright I got a Pdgeot," Tiki yelled "Now I have 6 Pokemon at
least until I get to Celadon (I have a Butterfree). Tiki found his
friends who were also looking for Pokemon, they were all happy that
Tiki had caught a Pidgeot. But they weren't finished, which was fine
with Tiki he felt that he needed to wait in Fuchsia for some reason.

TBC (I've been waiting to catch a Pidgeot for some time) (Someone else
can take it now, but let's keep it in Fuschia until Jamie gets there,
which will probably be sometime later today)

------------------RE: By Syke6888 L---------------

Happy that Tiki was lucky, John noticed something. It was a Geodude.
With a Laramie Brand! "Hmm, looks like Lara was here earlier."

"Huh? You guys help supply the Safari Zone?" asked Orion.
"Yep, and so do our competitors, the Flyin L Ranch." Raising his hand,
John tossed the Safari Ball. And immediately caught it with his face.

"Ouch. Wise guy Geodude." Tiki laughed at John's predicament. John got
up, and tried to find that Geodude. Upon seeing a peice of Rock, he
tossed another ball. Yes! Direct hit. One, Two...Smash! The safari Ball
broke, revealing a very angry Rhyhorn. Seeing John as the prime
tormentor, he started a Skull Bash. "Feet, do your stuff!" As John was
chased across the Zone, his new friends were busting their guts at this
developments. A few minutes later, Pipian shouted, "Hey John, as long as
you're up there, pass me a few apples." The Rhyhorn had chased John up a
tree before leaving. "Verrry funny, Pipian. Catch." Getting down, John
saw a Geodude. He tossed an apple, then a Safari Ball. Success! He now
had a Geodude, and a sore butt from the Skull Bash. "Oh well, at least I
got something."


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