[PW!] In the Safari Zone (A.K.A. Pipian Contemplates his Own Thoughts)

"I think we should go back to Fuschia," said Tiki.

"Nonsense," the others said. "Why should we waste our money just to see
you catch a Pidgeot and then leave? Let's at least catch one new Pokémon

"OK," said Tiki as he relented.

They walked further into the Safari Zone until Orion saw two Nidorans,
one male, one female.

"Ooh! A female Nidoran would definately be a good addition to my Pokémon
collection! John? You want to catch the male Nidoran?" asked Orion.

They both threw bait to occupy both Nidoran. Then, they threw two
Safari Balls at them. They wiggled as the light was red, but then relaxed
as they light turned off. They both walked over and got their new pokémon.

"Can we go back now?" asked Tiki.

"NOT YET! Pipian has to get a pokémon, and then we'll go back, Tiki!"
said Orion.

Just then, Pipian spoted something that looked like an egg in the
distance. He creeped closer and saw that it was a Chansey! Those were hard
to find in the Safari Zone. He threw some bait at it. It looked at it,
perplexed, and began to eat it, abeit slowly. It never noticed that it was
caught in a Safari Ball.

"Yes! I caught a Chansey!" exclaimed Pipian.

"Good! Can we go now?" asked Tiki.

"Sure! In just a moment," said Pipian as he released his new Chansey.
"I'll call him Lucky!"

"Chaaaan Seeey!" it said in agreement.

He tried to bring it back to it's ball, but it refused, whapping the
ball back to Pipian.

"OK, I guess you can stay out of your ball!"


Pipian walked back to the group and the group began to walk back to
Fuschia. Pipian was wondering if Tiki was psychic, which seemed highly
likely if he could send a psychic ball at them.

<Are you psychic, Tiki?> Pipian asked Tiki using telepathy.

He knew of his psychic powers ever since he was a baby... No, he was
never a baby in this world! His mind reeled, remembering for the first time
since it was 'patched up,' that he had a different history. At the same
time, he remembered what the strange voice, that called himself Mew said in
one of his odd dreams he had every so often: "You are not of this world...
I know that... You are here... for a reason... You... are here to fight a
menace... the menace." He had asked who the menace was and the voice had
answered: "You will see eventually... he is the cat's second sound..."

A feeling tugged him and seemed to tell him to go to the Seafoam
Islands. His mind was then filled with a picture of a Pikachu, and a
silhouette that seemed to radiate evil. Then, another feeling tugged him to
talk to Tiki and possibly bring him along. He wasn't sure. Orion would
follow where ever Pipian went. He telepathized again.

<Tiki, are you psychic?>

A little twist in the story...


----------Re: By Syke6888 L----

Even though he was happy to have caught two Pokémon, John was puzzled at
how Orion and Tiki had suddenly gotten so quiet. He decided not to worry
about it for now,and ask a little later.

----------Re: By Tiki----------

Tiki started hearing a voice in his head <Tiki, are you psychic?>
'Uh-oh Tiki thought I'm going to faint, I'm going to faint again. But
then he realized something, the voice sounded a lot like Pipian, maybe
it was a Psychic message.
Tiki projected the thought <Although only a new
one> the voice replied with a <Just checking>.

----------Re: By Syke6888 L----

Just as they left the Zone a hand tapped john on the shoulder. "Hey
John, here, it's a gift from Lara." said Slowpoke, the Safari Zone game
warden. "Hmm, four TM's. Hey guys, want one? There's Sky Attack, Seismec
Toss, and Thunder. Take your pick."

----------Re: By Tiki----------

Ooh ooh my Pidgeot would love to know Sky Attack. Tiki grabed the Tm,
and called out his new Pidgeot he would have to give it a name. At once
tiki noticed a circular birth mark around it's eye, Tiki decided to name
it Bullseye.

"Alright Bullseye, time for a new attack," Tiki held up the TM to Bullseye
and taught it Sky Attack, so now it new Mirror Move, Sky Attack, Agility,
and Wing Attack. Tiki hadn't decided whether or not he would teach Bullseye
fly or not oh well. Now Tiki had to wait at Fuschia (Mostly Because Jamie
hasn't posted yet, and I gave my word and I always keep it). Tiki noticed
it was getting kind of late.

"Hey guys why don't we spend the night at the Pokecenter, I sure could use
a good nights rest."

"Fine by me," said John (with the sore butt).

"Sure thing," said Orion.

"Good Idea," replied Pipian.

They meandered toward the Pokecenter, went there and released all their pokemon,
and each got a room.

"So John what is it like to be a member of the Laramie clan?" Tiki asked, as his
new Pokemon Bullseye acquanted himself with Tiki's other Pokemon.

"Well it's pretty cool, as you can tell I get a lot of free stuff," John said
holding up the other two TMs. "But it can be oretty trying, having to raise so
many Pokemon, but I decided to leave the ranch and go on a Pokemon Journey."

"Cool," Orion said.

"Well it's kind of late and we (might) have a long day tommorow. So let's get
some sleep" Pipian suggested.

"Fine by me," they all said. Each of the four went to their own rooms. Tiki
went to his room and got out the syrum, would this stuff really work, and would
the others still want to journey with him once they found out that he was hunting
Mewtwo? These were all questions that Tiki couldn't answer (wink wink implying
someone else needs to post). Also what was with this girl and a Magnemite, Tiki
was greatly looking forward to meeting her, if he did ever meet her. Well Tiki
said good night to his Pokemon, and turned off the light.


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