[PW!] Tiki's Nightmare

Pipian and Orion decided to sleep on the decision of which would take
Seismic Toss and Thunder in the room they had reserved when they arrived in
Fuschia. They brushed their teth and released their pokémon, thinking that
they could use some stretch time, as opposed to sleeping in their balls.
They all began to sleep.

Pipian soon began to have a dream. He had a dream in which he saw a
Pikachu, standing in front of a mysterious pokémon, being struck by psychic
waves. The Pikachu, however seemed to have a Psyonic shield around him,
attempting to protect itself. He figured that it was not an ordinary
Pikachu. Things... told him that this had to do with "The Cat's Second
Sound" as the mysterious voice had called it. Those things also told him
that this... this Attackee had been here about two weeks previously.

The dream ended as another began. He saw a man... with the strange
creature, going away. Then he saw Tiki.

That dream was short-lived, as one last one began. The voice appeared.

"Yes, you know me... Mew."

"What were those?"

"They were things of an ancient type of Psychic use. They now call
those things natural. But they aren't. They were shown for a reason. They
were shown by me."


"They have to do with the creature you are here for."

"Was it... That strange creature?"

"Yes. Tiki knows that creature, too."

"Who was that Pikachu? It was obviously not a normal Pikachu."

"You may see soon enough. I will protect people... and Pokémon... when
they need to be."

"You talked of 'The Cat's Second Sound'..."


"A 'Mew' is a cat's sound... and second has to do with 'Two'"


"Could it be a theoretical 'MewTwo'? A duplicate of you? It did not
look like you."

"It wasn't me, nor was it a duplicate, but it is related. To find what
you need... Talk to the one you call 'Tiki'... and find the Pikachu. They
will help in both your quests... But... There is another..."

The dream ended, as Pipian continued to sleep the rest of the night

Lucky however, dreamed about something else... Pokécenter water... and
their Professor Oak Brand Marshmellows (100% Jigglypuff and evolutions).


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