[PW!] Pipian Talks to Tiki

Last Time: Tiki had a bad dream about Mewtwo and Dreadite. He woke up and
talked to John who was wondering what was wrong. Meanwhile, Pipian had a
series of three dreams about a Pikcahu and a dark creature and Tiki and a
man and a dark creature, followed by a dream in which Mew talked to him,
clearing up some things... and leaving some.

Tiki and Pipian got up in the morning along with Orion and John. Tiki
and John had, of couse talked that night, and figured that they might not
tell Pipian and Orion what was happening. Pipian had talked it over with
Orion and decide that he would get the Seismic Toss TM for Lucky and Orion
would take thunder for Starmie.

"John, I've decided to take Seismic Toss," said Pipian.

"And I'll take Thunder," said Orion.

"I'd be happy to," said John as he gave them the TM's.

Pipian decided he would talk to Tiki, figuring him to be the easiest to
talk to at this moment.

"Tiki, I'd like to talk to you for a moment."



"OK," he said as they walked into his room. "What is it?"

"Have you heard of 'MewTwo'?"


Tiki, explain to Pipian about your deal with Mewtwo, and then I'll explain
to Tiki about Pipian's deal with Mewtwo, and then Pipian will discuss his

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