[PW!] Tiki's Nightmare

Tiki turned off the light and layed down on his back, all of his
Pokemon were already asleep, and it was late so Tiki decided to go to
sleep. He closed his eyes.

The next thing Tiki knew he was standing in front of Mewtwo. And
Dreadite, Mewtwo had all of Tiki's Pokemon, and his Staff. Tiki was
being held from behind the back by someone he couldn't see. Mewtwo was
getting ready to kill all of Tiki's Pokemon, when Tiki broke free, hit
whoever was behind him then got out the syrum, and shot Mewtwo with
it. But it didn't make Mewtwo fall asleep, in fact it dod nothing but
upset Mewtwo. Then instead of killing Tiki's pokemon, he waved a hand
and Tiki's pokemon turned against him, and attacked him. Then they
drove Tiki off a cliff, and into darkness.

Tiki woke up in a cold sweet and looked over at his pokemon,
they were okay. Then he looked for the syrum and his staff, both were
intact. 'Would this syrum really work?' Tiki thought to himself.
Before another thought could come to his mind, he had another vision, it
was of the girl again, except this time she and her Magnemite, were
with Tiki and the others and they were preparing for some sort of

Tiki snapped out of the vision, 'Yes the syrum would work, Tiki
knew it... it had to."

TBC (I got on and there were no new posts by Pipian or John or Jamie,
so I decided to write a dream sequence)

----------Re: By Syke6888 L----

John woke up. Looking over the side of his hammock, he saw Tiki, awake
and petting Flash.

"What's wrong, Tiki? John asked. "Huh? Um, nothing. Just a nightmare."

John got out of his hammock, sat near Tiki and scratched Flash's head.
"Look, you can't fool me. You've had something on your mind ever since
you left the hospital. I'm not too sure what it is, but it isn't a
simple nightmare."

"Well, okay, you're right. It wasn't a nightmare. I have some strong
thoughts on my mind."

"I thought so.What is it?"


----------Re: By Tiki----------

Tiki looked from the Flareon, "Well you see John I've been
having some stuff happening recently, it started about a week ago, when
I saw a Rocket named Dreadite, being mind controlled by Mewtwo. Ever
since then I've had a deep meaning of having to do something about it.
I managed to get something from Cinnibar, that when used on Mewtwo will
knock him out for a good long while, and break his mind control, once
and for all." Tiki continued petting the Flareon.

John looked onin disbelief, he hadn't encountered anything like
this before, someone going up against Mewtwo for no reason. "So what
are you going to do just walk up to Mewtwo, and inject this stuff into

Tiki smirked, "I wish, I'm going to have to battle him and while
my Pokemon are busy I'll get him with it."

"Wow that sounds, difficult, do you have any Pokemon that could
do the job?" John asked.

"Possibly all of them, but I don't have any Pokemon that are
good against Psychic."

"Well Orion, and Pipian have some ghosts they could do it, or
Orion's Beedrill."

"There's only one problem with that," Tiki remarked.


"All those Pokemon are Poison types too, Mewtwo would trash
them, in a second." Tiki said.

"Wow thats really bad, and there aren't any other Pokemon, that
have strong Ghost or Bug attacks." John exclaimed.

"There's one," Tiki said.


Tiki looked over to Spark the Jolteon was happily playing with
the Vaporeon and Doduo. "Jolteon's"

"Oh yeah that's right they get Pin Missle," John said not
understanding the implication at first, "So where do you intend on
getting a Jolte..." it hit John, he had a Jolteon, it was no where near
learning Pin Missle but it was a Jolteon. "OH," John said.

"Good night John," Tiki said getting up, "Thanks for listening,
and don't worry I won't take Spark from you, and I won't put you two in
danger, heck I barely know you." Tiki left the room.

John was a bit concerned, about what the following day would
bring. But he trusted the stranger Tiki, he decided to get some rest,
he lay down, and went back to bed.


----------Re: By Syke6888 L----

John tried to sleep, but it just didn't work. A heavy thought was on his
mind: Mewtwo. He should have told Tiki, but had forgotten. His father
was one of the creators of Mewtwo. As he was told by his father's
partner, Mewtwo was a last resort weapon against Team Rocket. The basic
idea: combine the DNA of the strongest, fastest, toughest, and special
powered, then implant a Mew to create a perfectly loyal super-Pokémon.
However, three weeks after pregnation, the Mew evolved rather than gave
birth. What appeared was even stronger than the scientists had hoped.
However, it could not be tamed by current standards. So, Mewtwo was
placed in a containment dome while scientists at Silph started working
on the ultimate Pokéball, the Master Ball. Unfortunately, inside spys
brought news to Giovanni. The fateful day occured, and everything
happened at once. Team Rocket attacked the Pokémon house (then the lab
location) on Cinnabar Island, and inadvertantly released Mewtwo. The
creature released all it's power, killing Rockets, scientists and John's
parents. Only the partner survived, and Mewtwo fled, never to be seen
until Ash found him at the Cerulean Cave. He disappeared after that, and
John hoped to find him, and maybe even stop him.

As John thought about what he should do, Ariel looked at her trainer
worried. She walked over to Orion and released his Gloom, Icy. At her
request, Icy shot a cloud of Sleep Powder, putting John in a deep,
dreamless sleep. Mission accomplished, Icy was returned to the Pokéball,
and Ariel jumped on her trainer's lap, curled up, and slept.


(Hey, Tiki, how's that for a twist? We both have a reason to find
Mewtwo. Looks like you have your Jolteon. Oh yeah, and Pipian, continue
this post.)

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