[PW!] Safari Zone Fun

After a long walk (and to Jamie, a boring, eventless walk), she finally arrived
at Vermillion City. In a few moments, she placed a call to Pidgeot Airport.

"I need a flight from Vermillion City to Fuschia City, please."

"Let's see...," she heard the secretary flipping through a notebook. "We can
schedule a flight in 15 seconds."

"15 seconds?"

"An unladen Pidgeot can fly at speeds of up to Mach 2."

"I suppose it would take longer if it were carrying a coconut."

"How could it possibly carry a coconut?"

Seeing where this was going, Jamie decided to cut it short. "15 seconds is
good for me."

As the secretary hung up, Jamie could hear her mutter, "Perhaps if it
gripped it by the husk..."


Jamie was clutching the back of the Pidgeot as they zipped toward Fuschia.
In a few minutes, she could see the trees and grasslands that indicated the
Safari Zone underneath.

Suddenly, a Fearow swooped from the trees and began pecking at the Pidgeot's
head. Forgetting about its cargo, it began diving and dodging. Eventually,
Jamie's grip loosened, and she began to fall.

A thought came to her. "Maybe I can levitate myself," and she started to

When she opened her eyes again, she was still falling, only faster.


With a crash and a stroke of extreme good luck, Jamie fell into one of the
tree tops, then completed her return to the ground...

...but instead fell on top of a kid.

"Hey, watch it!" the boy said as he struggled to push Jamie away
from him.

"I'm so sorry," said Jamie, then stopped when she looked in his face. It was
the boy from her visions. It was Tiki.

Tiki seemed to recognize her too. "Hey, you're that girl with the

"And you're Tiki."

They continued to stare at each other, amazed of each other's existence,
when they both stretched their hands out and shook.

"Hi," they said simultaneously.
I really wanted to bring our stories together quickly, so here I am.

----------Re: By Tiki----------

In a moment of silence Tiki thought of something to say "Your
name's Jamie isn't it?"

"Yep and your name's Tiki, right?" Jamie asked, neither needed to
ask how one another knew this info they already knew.

"Yeah," Tiki didn;t know what to say then he remembered his
visions. "Oh shoot here come with me to the Pokecenter I have to tell
some of my other friends something." They raced to the Pokecenter.

(Okay now Tiki and Jamie reaches the Pokecenter, Tiki introduces
Jamie to everyone, and then explains his visions to everyone, then he
says 'But we still need more help' then it ends)

TBC (whoever posts next entitle it "Hunt for Icy and Mimic" if that's
okay with you guys)

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