[PW!] Pipian Talks

RECAP: Tiki explained her dealings with Mewtwo.

"What happened in your dream?" asked Tiki.

"Well, actually, it was three dreams," replied Pipian. "The first
featured a Pikachu battling Mewtwo. It seemed like this was no ordinary
Pikachu seeing as it used a Psyonic shield as an attempt to protect itself.
The Pikachu was psychic. There seems to be an aura around this
pokécenter... as if this Pikachu was here within the last few weeks."

"And the second dream?"

"I saw Mewtwo, with a man. Apparently, this man was the one you call
Dreadite, because I saw you, watching this take place. He was abducted by
Mewtwo and taken away."

"That must have been Dreadite. And the third dream?"

"I talked to Mew."

"No you didn't. He doesn't exist."

"He does still. He is apparently in hiding. Anyway, I talked to Mew.
He explained about my dreams. I... have something special about my
powers... I don't know... I seem to share it with Mew... Anyway, he told me
that you knew of the creature, Mewtwo, who Mew refered to as "The Cat's
Second Sound."

"Hmm... Clever..."

"Yes. He said that I... we... might need to see the Pikachu. He didn't
tell me where he was though. He said in an earlier dream that I..." Pipian

"What? I need to know! Anything that'll help. I'll keep a secret if
it is one."

"OK," Pipian relented, "but tell noone else. I am not from here."

"I know you aren't from Fuschia."

"No, you were right. I AM not from anywhere on this world. I come from
another parallel universe."

"You're confusing me now."

"Yes. It's confusing to me, too."

"I came from another world and somehow got zapped here. I thought it
was something I did... but it wasn't. Mew told me I was brought here for a
reason. By Mew."


"He told me I was here to fight the menace, Mewtwo."

"He also told me in my dream last night that that was your quest, too.
He said that I could help you on your quest as you could help me. He also
told me that the Pikachu could help us in our quest. He knows about

"Hmm... That seemed apparent already."

"Yes. Anyway, he said one last thing last night."


"He said, 'There is another.' Could that mean there is another person
out there to help us on our quest. I have no idea who, or what he is. I
doubt Dreadite's friends know of Mewtwo, but maybe someone or something
knows Mewtwo. I have a feeling that that someone/thing is in the possession
of Mewtwo..."

Pipian suddenly stopped talking and was not in the room anymore. He saw
Mewtwo, and 'Dreadite', and a Ditto. He heard Mewtwo talk to the Ditto.

"Heh, I've hired a few henchmen to throw of anybody on our trail,

He was then back in the room with Tiki.

"Hello? Earth to Pipian!" he said.

"Sorry, I was 'remote sensing.'"

"What's that?"

"Where you suddenly are somewhere else, seeing or hearing someone
outside of your body."

"Where were you?"

"I was in a room where I saw Mewtwo, 'Dreadite', and a Ditto. Mewtwo
was talking to the Ditto. He said, 'Heh, I've hired a few henchmen to throw
of anybody on our trail, Doppler!'"

"Doppler seemed evil. He couldn't help us, but maybe someone knows
him... and Mewtwo. I heard some Pokémon Philosophy from my other

"There are Pokémon there?"

"Not in the sense in which you know them. I saw on a TV, an Ekans that
said (in subtitles), "Pokémon are not evil. Masters make their Pokémon do
bad things." Maybe, this Ditto was made smart... in an experiment. I doubt
a normal ditto would understand what Mewtwo said."

"So, there may be another Ditto from the same experiment?"

"Yes. But we don't know where he was made, who he is, or where he is."

"Hmm... There are henchmen on our trail, huh?"

"Apparently. Are you sure that that syrum will work?"

"I don't know."



There, that'll help a lot. Just don't go telling Orion and John that.

----------Re: By Syke6888 L----

John had just finished teaching Ariel Ice Beam when he heard some
strange dealings about Mewtwo. "What are you guys talking about?" he
asked Tiki and Pipian.

"Nothing, just wondering where Jamie is," Pipian said.

"Hmm, really. Then why did you mention Mewtwo? I thought that was a
secret between me and Tiki."

"Well, it was, but Pipian told me ... never mind!" Tiki was about to
tell, but a quick gaze from Pipian stopped him.

"Hmmph. Fine. Keep your secret."

"Say, how did you hear us. We were wispering."

"Well, I can't shoot lightning, but my senses were heightened by my
tail." explained John. He headed over to Orion, who was at the moment
arguing with some jerk.

"Geez, that's attitude. Any idea what's wrong with John?" Pipian asked

"I don't know."


----------Re: By Tiki----------

Tiki had just finished talking to Pipian, and John. He decided
to excuse himself and take a walk, regardless of the risk of fainting
again. He walked out of the Pokemon Center, and started strolling down
the streets of Fuschia, he felt like a big puzzle was forming together,
the girl and her Magnemite. A psychic Pikachu, a twin pair of
intellegent Ditto's and last but certanly not least, Dreadite.
Dreadite was worked into this whole scheme of things somehow. Tiki
continued to keep strolling along. When all of a sudden he started
feeling light headed, he sat down, right before another vison came to

It started out as Mewtwo holding a leash, attached to the other
end of the leash, was Dreadite. Then out of nowhere a razor flew out
and broke the leash. Then the razor transformed into a Ditto. Then
Dreadite ran away. The Ditto smirked at his triumph.

"I can always get another one," Mewtwo exclaimed. Then the
Ditto sank away. "I can not be defeated, I am Mewtwo, I am all

That vision ended and was immedeatly followed by another. The
girl again, was walking around a port town, it was Vermillion, Tiki
could tell. She was concentrating on something. Then Tiki heard a
voice. <Magnemite, can you here me>, this voice was different from
the ones Tiki usually heard in his visions, it sounded more real. Then
the girl got a package with a Pokeball in it. The Pokeball contained a
Drowzee. The Drowzee talked to her about helping her train with her
Psychic Powers. Then the girl said something, to the Drowzee 'Hello my
name is Jamie," the vision ended.

But yet another vision appeared. It was of a Pikachu it just
stood there and then started glowing and dissapered. Then Mew appeared,
Then Mew started glowing and split into two, one shape formed a Mew and
the other Mewtwo. Then they dissaperead, and a Ditto appeared, it to
split into two and became to Dittos. Next out of everyone came,
Dreadite, he split into two as well, but one of the two had dark evil
red eyes. And finally came Tiki, Tiki split into two and the end
result was him and the girl named Jamie. The visions ended and Tiki
woke up.

"WOW BOY!!!!" Tiki exclaimed he raced back to the Pokecenter.
And busted in to find his three companions on the floor playing cards.
"Dreadite's free!!!"

"What?" they all said. Tiki then proceded to tell all of his
visions to them in exact detail.

"So does that mean we aren't hunting Mewtwo anymore?" Orion

"No it means were not hunting Dreadite, and least not the blue
eyed one, we're still after Mewtwo and we still need help." Tiki

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