[PW!] Tiki Talks

RECAP: Tiki had a nightmare about Dreadite and Mewtwo, then he
talked to John. Then Pipian had a bad dream, and talked to Tiki. Now
Tiki is about to talk to Pipian about Mewtwo.

"Well you see, Pipian, Mewtwo mind controlled, Dreadite, a really
nasty rocket. Now I think that some bad stuff is going to come from
this. So I went to Cinnibar and got a syrum that will supposedly
subdue Mewtwo and get rid of his power to mind control things."

"Okay, but what's Mewtwo?" Pipian asked.

"You mean to tell me that you don't know what Mewtwo is, are you
not from this world or something?"

"Uh, yeah funny, just refresh my memory," Pipian said.

"Okay Mewtwo, is a genetic alteration of Mew an all powerful
uncatchable Pokemon. So scientists made a Pokemon so perfect that they
could control, they called it Mewtwo. But Mewtwo went crazy and broke
free. And now he's hiding out somewhere planning some bad stuff."

"Oh okay, I get it, so what's this story, about a girl and a
magnemite?" Pipian asked.

"HOW.. how did you know about that?!?!?!?!" Tiki exclaimed.

"When you fainted yesterday, I tapped into your mind, and saw
your vision of her. So that's why were waiting here is for her. Who
is she?"

"I don't know, I just keep having these premonitions about her,
but I feel like she's getting closer to here, I just think it will take
a little bit longer."

"That's okay, but I have to tell you something, I had a dream
last night." Pipian said.

TBC (Okay Pipian Jamie emailed me she's on the way, so your character
can tell me about his dream, Jamie will be here soon then we can hunt
down Dreadite, who by the way now has Doppler the evil Ditto, and might
soon be assisted by Minax, the Pokemon Murderer. Also the bountyhunter
Cross, who Mewtwo hired, now has another hunter helping him called
Tilk. So were in for a lot of battles =)

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