[PW!] Hunting for Dittos and Pikachus

"Well, we're all here, so what do we have to do?" John asked his

"Hmm, well, my first guess would be to find the two from my visions."
Tiki replied.

"Oohh, boy. A Ditto and a Pikachu." "Correction: a Psychic Pikachu and a
special Ditto."

Jamie got an idea. "Say, why don't we check out the source, a.k.a
Cinnabar Island. Who knows, maybe these two came from the same lab as

Pipian thought about it a second. "Well, okay. Er, any ideas how to get

John said, "Already on it. Lara should be hre with a couple of HM's. If
you have the correct Pokémon and Badge, we can Surf and Fly there. Of
course, there's always Rent-A-Lapras and Pidgeot Airlines"

"Uh-uh, the last time I flew that way, I landed on Tiki." argued Jamie.

"Okay, s much for that. So, can you use the HMs? asked John


(OOC: Ha ha, Pip, I posted before you. Seriously, can you use these HMs,
or will we Rent-A-Lapras? Or will we just change our minds and try
somewhere else?)

----------Re: By Tiki----------

(OK I just posted that said something different than this I still
suggested that we go to Cinnibar but we didn't have the HMs so we were
going to win one at the Safari Zone but then John remembered his HMs.)

Tiki taught his Pidgeot Bullseye Fly and erased Wing Attack, then
he taught Twirl (His starmie) Surf and got rid of Bubble beam)

Orion taught Wartortle Surf instead of Bubble, and then he taught
Starmie Surf instead of Tackle. Then John taught Ariel Surf (EVERYONE
MAKE SURE YOU REMENER WE DID THIS). Tiki let Jamie use Twirl and he
hopped on his Pidgeot, while he could go faster than the surfers he
decided to stick with them. They set out towards, Cinnibar and their
Surfing (And flying) Pokemon.

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