[PW!] Another Vision

After Jamie was hastily introduced to the group, she immediately asked them

"So how do you plan on stopping Mewtwo anyway?"

Tiki stepped up. "I got this serum from the Cinnabar laboratories. They said
that it might be able to subdue the Mewtwo."

"Uh huh... but one thing, how do you expect it to stand still long enough
for you to do it?"

Pipian then stood from his chair. "We have a Jolteon [1]. With Pin Missile,
we should do fine."

"Maybe," said Jamie, "but if what I know is true, Mewtwo would have had to
be at an extremely high level at its creation, maybe 60 or 70. You would
certainly have to beef up that Jolteon in a hurry."

"Well, what do you have that can help us?"

"Nothing that could ever stop something like that," she said, trying to
formulate some kind of plan. "Nope, this looks like the best idea so far."

"It will have to do," said Tiki.

Suddenly, both Jamie and Tiki were sucked into an all-too-familiar black
void, indicating that they were having another psychic vision.

----------Re: By Tiki----------

The next concious thing Tiki noticed was him and Jamie satnding
on a chess board there was also Pipian Orion and John, next to them.
On the left side of the board was a Pikachu and a Ditto. Across from
the groupd was Mewtwo, another Ditto, Cross, another human with guns
and such, and Dreadite, except Dreadite looked different with red
eyes. In the center of the board was the normal looking Dreadite.
Then an undetailed hand came out of nowhere and took the normal
Dreadite away. Then he moved the Pikachu and Ditto into the center of
the board.

Tiki and Jamie both snapped out of the vision, they each new
that they had had another vision. "Wow that was different," Tiki
exclaimed. Then Tiki and Jamie explained the vision.

Then Tiki spoke up, "They're our help."

"Come again," Orion said confused.

"The Ditto in the middle of the board is the Ditto we were
talking about, the good Ditto of the experiment we were talking about."

"And the Pikachu is the same one I've been having the visions
of, I bet." Pipian chimed in.

"Hold on here, Tiki comes running in with some stranger we
don't know, then they stop talking all of a sudden. Then they starts
talking again about another vision, is this girl a psychic too and what
is she doing here?" John said in one deep breath.

"Well you see, John that's you name right?" Jamie began, she
then went on to explain Tiki's and Jamie's visions, then when she was
finished Tiki walked off all of a sudden, and returned momentarily with
his stuff.

"Pack up guys, we're going to Cinnibar, to learn about the
Ditto experiment." Tiki said.


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