[PW!] Seafoam Escapades

The gang went along fairly quickly with Jamie and Orion using the
Starmie's as moving surfbors, and Pipian sitting on top of Wartortle,
Tiki was flying along on Bullseye. While John got soaking wet due to
being on a Vaporeon (which you can't stand on). After some time of
surfing along and talking getting to know each other better. The gang
saw Seafoam Islands up ahead, now they couldn't go around them because
of rocks that for some reason made a path staright towards the islands
so they had no choice they had to go into the islands. They reached the
islands and everyone recalled their pokemon, and Johnchanged into dry
clothes (behind a large rock). Then they decided to desend into the
caves. Even though it was wet in their they needed light so Tiki
called out Sinder to light the way. Sinder was very unhappy about
being in a cave filled with water.

"Char Char ard, IZARD?!?!?! (Haven't you people ever heard of

"Oh Sinder be quite you love being so important." Tiki replied
knowing his Pokemon loved being the center of attention.

After walking threw the caves for awhile they decided to stop for
a little.

Something caught Jamie's attention some movement out of the
corner of her eye. She looked over and saw a Seel meandering over
towards the water. "Alright I need a water type, Magnemite go!" Jamie
threw the pokeball, to the ground and the electric pokemon appeared.
The Seel realizing what was happening sat up ready to battle "Magnemite
Double Team," The Magnemite sent out holographic projections of
itself. The little Seel was confused, so it attacked with a water gun
at one of the Magnemites. It was the wrong one and the Water went
right into the now dry John.

"Son of a." John said.

"Magnemite Thunder Wave it," The Magnemite sent out waves of
electricity that smacked into the Seel, paralyzing it.


"What did he say?" Jamie asked ready to throw the Pokeball,
but before she could 20 or so Dewgong appeared.

"UH OH,.,.,. RUNNNNNNNN!!!!!" Tiki yelled turning and running,
everyone followed suit and then the Dewgong followed.

TBC... (Okay someone else follow up)

----------Re: By Pipian--------


"Heh! I'll get anyone on my trail with this!" said Mewtwo. "There is no
antidote, except this one vial! They created me using genetics, and I'll
destroy anyone with this. I'm better at genetics then anyone! I should
know! This genetically engineered virus should attack anyone who is
thinking of destroying me! Only problem is that it can only infect once...
AND it can't attack anyone with the slightest bit of Pokémon DNA in them.
CROSS! TILK! COME HERE! I have to give you this." He injected the vacine
into Cross and Tilk.

"OWW! Wadja do that for?"

"Believe me, you'll need it. Now take this jar of air and go to
Cinnabar. I know that they are going there. When you see them, do not
shoot or battle them, just release the air!"

"We're on our way."

"That virus'll turn people who think about catching me into a random
pokémon. Usually one of their own. Heh heh heh!"


"Hmmm... this is just like a wild Ponyta stampede. If I remember
correctly then..." John thought.


They stopped running and hoped John was right. He was.

"I feel the aura of that Pikachu getting stronger the closer we get to
the exit," said Pipian. "I think he may be very close. I thought I saw a
resort on the other side of the island. If he's intelligent, he would
definately be there! But I don't think we should mess with him for some

Will OFLAMTG (Our Fairly Large Anti-MewTwo Group) find the Pikachu? No
Will they find the Ditto? No
Will they be turned into Pokémon by the virus? Yes
Will the virus affect them? Uh... Yes
Will the virus be caught by Cross and Tilk instead? No
Will I stop asking questions? No
Will OFLAMTG be the group's official name? No

With the exception of the second to last one, which has been answered,
and the last one, which will be decide by the group, keep reading the
continuing stories of OFLAMTG to find out.



Golly! The questions are as long as half of the actual story!

----------Re: By Tiki----------

Cross and Tilk apperead inside of Seafoam islands.

"It's nice to have a boss that can teleport you," Tilk comented.

"Indeed now let's find the fools and get this thing released,"
Cross replied.


"I'm cold, I'm cold, I'm cold," John repetivly said being soaked
and in an ice cave, had left him partially frozen. The group had
escaped the Dewgong awhile ago and were still trying to find away out
of here.

"John be quite, Sinder why don't you warm John up," Tiki said.
Sinder got a smirk of maliciousness (I suck at spelling) on his face,
then he let loose a mild flame thrower at John thawing him and his tail
quite quickly.

"t h a n k s," John murmered as he coughed up some ash.

"Don't mention it," Tiki replied. "Now where should we go?"

"I suggest up," Pipian said in a very serious manner.

"Good idea but how?" Jamie asked.

"Maybe we could dig our way out." Orion commented.

"It might cause a cave in though," John said.

"Well we might as well just keep going, and take every oppurtunity
we get to go up." The Possy kept moving along.


Tilk and Cross had caught up to the gang, they were just waiting
for the right oppurtunity to let loose the virus. After awhile they
found a good spot and let it loose. Then they jumped out into the open.

"Hello Tiki," Cross said with a Smirk.

"Uh oh it Cross, and a new lacky," Tiki said.

"The name's Tilk and were here to get rid of all of you."

"You'll have trouble doing that," Pipian said "There are five of us
and only two of, Odd, you, Oddish, hey what's happening to my, Oddish"
Pipian started glowing and turned into an Oddish, then John turned into
a Raichu entirely, next Orion turned into a Mankey and then came Jamie,
she turned into a Magnemite, finally Tiki turned into a Charizard.

"Ha hope you guys like being Pokemon this virus was curtoisy of our
employer have fun." Tilk said then they turned around and ran.

"CHAR CHAR (What the heck did they do!!!)" Tiki yelled, Sinder was
confused that his master looked like him now.

One of Jamie's Pokeballs started giggiling and fell from her
metallic body.

"Drowzee (hello)<" her Drowzee said, "Drowzee Drow, Drowzee, zee,
zee (I see you have been turned into Pokemon by A virus."


"Drowzee, drow, drow, zee, zee, drowzee, row, owzee (You can
reverse the effects you know, first release all of the psychic Pokemon
here that consisted of Pipian's Jynx and Kadabra. "Drowzee Drowzee,
zee, zee drow, drow, dro (Now the psychic Pokemon and Psychic humans
concentrate on a sort of mass recover)," All the Psychiclly talented
things there started to glow but didn't change. "Drowzee drow (come on
now concentrate)" You could see the look of determination on everthings
face, then Tiki popped up, next came Pipian and Orion, then came John,
the only one left was Jamie. "DROWZEE DROWZEE (Jamie concentrate on
using your powers, you can do it)" At this Jamie appeared from the
glowing shape of a Magnemite.

"I did it, I DID IT!!!" Jamie yelled, "I used my powers," after
some celebrating everyone recalled their pokemon except Sinder.

"Let's get out of here," Tiki said.

TBC (Alright there you have it.)

----------Re: By Pipian--------

They continued walking through Seafoam. When they neared the end, they
saw a light blue bird that flew away, south. They got through the tunnels.
As they saw the ocean before them, John groaned, "NOT AGAIN! I JUST GOT

John groaned some more as he grabbed onto his Vaporeon and began to be
dragged to Cinnabar. The others got on their individual pokémon and began
to surf and fly to Cinnabar.

TBC? (Maybe under a separate post: The Ditto Experiment.)

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