[PW!] Return to Cinnabar

Tiki and the gang landed at Cinnibar at around noon. Through
some masterful Pokemon Inginuity the group had managed to fix something
up where they could sleep, while surfing on their Pokemon.

The first thing that happened when they rerached the island was
Tiki's Butterfree flew up to him. "Free free butter butter butterfree
(Tiki it's that time of the year again, what should we do???)"
Butterfree was refering to the time of the year where he was released
to go and mate with another butterfree.

"Well Flutter I release you every year at this time and we always
meet up again at Celadon, so how about I ask if you can catch a ride
with some Pidgeots at the Pidgeot Express." Tiki managed to fix
something up at the Express where Flutter could fly with the Pidgeots
to Celadon, and get on one of them when he got tired. Tiki waved bye
to Flutter and walked back to the group. (Alright now I got that taken
care of).

"Okay so what should we do now?" John asked.

"Well how about we each take a try at Blaine." Pipian suggested.

"Sounds good to me," Orion replied.

"Okay fine, I can get my first badge, (I think Jamie doesn't have
any badges)" Jamie replied.

"Okay why not, but then we have to go to the Lab." Tiki said.
The group walked over to the gym and Orion put a hand on the knob and
turned it.

"Hey it's locked," Orion said.

"Huh I wonder how we get in?" Jamie asked.

TBC (I don't have a lot of time right now)

----------Re: By Pipian---------

"Let's talk to that man over there! Maybe he knows something!"
suggested Tiki.


"Hello, could you please inform us as to why the Gym is locked?"

"Yes," said the man. "You must find the key in the abandoned Pokémon
Mansion over there."

He pointed to a dark mysterious house.

"Agggh!" said John. "It looks haunted!"

"We HAVE to go!"


They walked into the house. Inside, they saw a Charmander... In the
middle of a group of angry Weezings, Muks, and Magmars.

"We have to save the poor thing!" said Pipian.

"Sure!" said Orion.

"Go... Uhhh... Kadabra and Jynx!" said Pipian.

"Go Wartortle and Starmie!" said Orion.

"Kadabra! Psychic those Weezings! Jynx! Sing those Muks asleep so
Alakazam can take care of them."

"Wartortle! Starmie! Water Gun those Magmar!"

The attacks got some of the pokémon, the others turned around and began
to attack the group. Unfortunately, John was the only one hit, by a
flamethrower. The healthy Pokémon ran away.

"WHY ME?!?!" asked John.

"Look on the bright side! You aren't wet anymore!"


There were (conveniently) 5 pokémon, that weren't fainted. The
Charmander, which immediately ran to Pipian for saving him. 1 Weezing,
which John caught (not wanting to be roasted by his own pokémon). 1 Muk,
which Tiki caught. And 2 Magmars, which Orion and Jamie caught.

They continued into the darkness on their quest for the key.

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