[PW!] The Quest for the Key

"AWWW Tiki your new Pokemon stinks!!!" John exclaimed.

"Hold you're tounge, Mouse buy, why he might stink now that is
only a temporary disadvantage," Tiki replied, he pulled out his new
Pokemon and threw the Pokeball the Muk came out stinky as ever. "Hey
Muk eat these," Tiki threw him some of those new condensed Certs Mints
that hurt your mouth their so minty. Anyway the Muk at the entire pack
and then smeeled very minty, "I know I call him Mints." Tiki said.

"Spiffy," John said as he wipped the ash off his clothes.

"Any who we caught some Pokemon now what do we do?" Orion

"Well the man at the gym said we need to find a key," Jamie

"Well if you were hiding a key somewhere, in an old burnt out
mansion where would you put it?" Pipian asked.

Everyone thought about this until Tiki got the answer, "At the
top, somewhere indescrete, that might require jumping from higher
levels to reach the key."

"Sounds good to me," John said "Lets go looking for convenient
jumping spots." The gang went off in search of stairs. After some
climbing and playing with statues that had buttons on them they reached
the top, only to find a band of theives huddling over what apperead to
be a manuscript.

"Hey you kids what are you doing up here?" One of the five
theives asked.

"Looking for the gym key," Pipian spat out.

"Oh you mean this key," another theif held up. "We think we'll
hang onto this, if you would like to use it though we'll be more than
happy to open the gym for you, that is for 15000 bucks."

The entire gang sweet drops. "Uhhh we're a little short on
cash," Orion replied, "Could you give it to us on good faith." All the
theifs laughed.

"I know," Tiki said, "I challenge anyone one of you to a
Pokemon battle one on one if we win we keep the key, if you win you get
what money we have and all of our potions and other pokemon maitence

The leader theif stepped up, "Okay I accept, one on one pokemon

"Tiki are you sure..." John started, but Tiki held up a hand,
he loved this kind of dramatic stuff. He took out his sunglasses, put
them on.

"All right buddy your on," then Tiki noticed the booklet on the
table, it had the word Mew on it, "On one condition also if we win we
get the book and if you win you get whatever pokemon I use to battle."

"Sure why not." The head theif said. "All right no more
stalling, for my pokemon I choose Dodrio."

"And for my Pokemon I choose, Mints." The fresh smelling Muk

"MUKKKKK (I smell gooood)" Tiki sweet dropped again.

"Alright Dodrio Agility now Tri-Attack."

"Mints Acid Armor now," The Muk produced a glopy brown
substance around itself the hardened but was still flexible. Then the
Dodrio smacked into it with all three heads.


"It's okay Mints follow up with a Sludge attack," Mints flunge
a hunk of acidic goo that hit the Dodrio in it's sad head.

"Dodrio, Dodrio (Get it off, get it off)" Then the theif
s\threw a water ballon at the bird it burst on it and the Dodrio was no
longer poisned. "Dodrio use more agility, use all of it now Drill peck
it," before Tiki could breath the Dodrio smashed into Mints.

"Now Dodrio Fury Attack," the Dodrio started assaluting the
Muk continuosly.

"Alright Mints hang in there, use all of your Minimizes now,"
the Muk shrank out of sight.

"DO DRI O?????? (WHERE"D IT GO???)"

"Did I win???" the theif asked.

"I don't think so, Mints Pound it from behind," the Muk
apperead out of what seemed to be nowhere and smacked the willy out of
the Dodrio. "Now finish it with Super stenchy sludge attack!!!!!" Tiki
yelled. Mints loomed up and before the Dodrio could react barfed all
over it.

"EWWWWWW," everyone but Tiki said, as they commented on the
stench, both people called back their pokemon. Tiki walked over and
grabbed the key and bent over for the manual then the head theif yanked
a knife out and charged Tiki.

"TIKI!!!!" Jamie yelled, then unknowingly she sent out a
psychic wave that smacked into the theif and made him fly back.

"AHH SHE"S A WITCH RUNNNN!" all the theives took off.

"Thanks Jamie," Tiki said. Then they all left the mansion.
"Now on to the gym," Tiki said.

TBC (someone else go into depth about the manual)

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