[PW!] Conversation at the Lab

The gang walked up to the locked gym door, and Tiki took the key
and put it in the lock 'Wait a sec,' Tiki though, 'Why didn't I just
pick this lock I'm an ex-theif, oh well'. Tiki turned the key and the
door opened. "Hey you guys go on ahead, I need to heal up Mints and
Sinder, I also dought that Blaine could take on five people without
visiting the Pokecenter." Tiki said.

"Okay," Pipian replied, "You can get the badge after Blaine
heals up we'll see you back here later."

Tiki departed from the group for the moment as they went into
the gym, Tiki headed off to the Pokecenter. When he got there he gave
a chansey his Pokeballs sat down and started reading the manuscript, it
detailed how the scientists here had made Mewtwo to be the ultimate
Pokemon. It also said how Mew had dissaperead after the experiment.
The book talked about many things involving both Mewtwo and Mew, but
nothing on their weaknesses or on how to battle them. Mostly because
no one was stupid enough to fight them, although they had to find them
first which was difficult.

After some solid reading the Chansey walked up to Tiki.

"Chansey Chansey." Tiki thanked it and took his six pokeballs,
he felt like some company so as he left the center he relasead Charm
and Zip.

"Hey guys what do you guys feel like doing???" Tiki asked, he
needed some time off from the rest of the group to think about stuff.
He had lost track of Sith and had not gained his vengance. But that
could be resolved later. Also Tiki was thinking about what he was
going to do once he found Mewtwo.

After awhile of the silence Tiki noticed Zip pulling on his
pants leg. "pika pika pika. (Tiki were being followed)." Tiki looked
in the reflection of his sunglasses and saw a man with a hat and
sunglasses on he was wearing all black and had a beard on. Tiki had
noticed him when he had left the Pokecenter. Tiki dodged into an alley
and waited for the man to come past when he did Tiki grabbed him and
pulled him into the alley.

"Who are you and why are you following me???" Tiki said then he
noticed that the man's beard was coming off, Tiki pulled it and it came
off then he took off the sunglasses to reveal Cross's face, "Cross
where's your new lacky Tilk?"

"Around," Cross replied. Just thne Tiki was hit on the head
from behind, he fell down.

"Charm Zip run and get help!!!" Tiki yelled the two Pokemon
took off, Cross tried to catch them but he lost them.

"No matter, we got you and that's all that matter's," Cross
said, Tilk removed Tiki's Pokeballs and his staff. "Ha who's going to
save you now?"

----------Re: By Pipian--------


The group walked through the hallways of the Cinnabar Gym and eventually
reached the arena, with Blaine in the middle of it.

"Who shall challenge me first?" he asked.

"I will!" said Orion.

"OK, then, 2-on-2,"

"Go Wartortle!"

"Go Rapidash!"

"Wartortle! Water Gun!"

Rapidash's flames flickered less, as Rapidash was hurt badly.

"Rapidash! Stomp!"

"Wartortle! Move out of the way and then bite it on the leg!"

The Wartortle did as it was told, and the Rapidash fainted.

"Wartortle! Return! Go Starmie!"

"Rapidash! Return! Go Ponyta!"

"Starmie! Surf!"

Water seemed to gather from unknown places and then acted as if in a
hurricane, splashing Ponyta and fainting her.

"Good job! Here is your Volcanobadge! NEXT!"

Jamie walked up.

"Go Magnemite!"

"Go Growlithe!"

"Magnemite! Supersonic!"

The sound floated, invisibly through the air into Growlithe's ear,
confusing it. In the process, it hurt itself.

"Growlithe! Ember!"

The Growlithe, confused, used bite on itself.

"Magnemite! Sonic boom!"

That attack wiped Growlithe out.

"Magnemite! Return! Go Nidorino!"

"Growlithe! Return! Go Arcanine!"

"Nidorino! Fury Attack!"

Nidorino attacked 5 times, fainting Arcanine.

"Here is your Volcanobadge, young lady! NEXT!"

"OK!" said John. "Go Ariel!"

"Go Magmar!"

"Ariel! Water Gun!"

Magmar weakened considerably. As it did, it became dizzy.

"Magmar! Flamethrower!"

Magmar, dizzy, fired the flamethrower at John, as opposed to Ariel!


The Vaporeon did, fainting the Magmar.

"Ariel! Return! Go Spark!"

"Magmar! Return! Go Charmeleon!"

"Spark! Thundershock!"

Charmeleon was dazed.

"Charmeleon! Ember!"

The attack failed.

"Thundershock again!"

Charmeleon fainted.

"Here is your Volcanobadge! NEXT!"

"OK! Go Ghoblin!" said Pipian.

"Go Vulpix!"

"Ghoblin! Hypnosis!"

Vulpix fell asleep.

"Now Night Shade!"

Vulpix fainted.

"Ghoblin! Return! Go Jonpageori!"

"What kind of a name is that?"

"You'll see!"

"Vulpix! Return! Go Charizard!"

Everyone gasped, except for Pipian and Blaine.

"Whatcha gonna do now? HUH?"

"Jonpageori," Pipian said in a calm voice, "Sing."

Blaine gasped as the great lizard fell asleep.

"Now, Double Slap."

Jonpageori struck 5 times, knocking Charizard out.

"Amazing! Here is your Volcanobadge!"

"Thanks!" they said as they left.

As they left the building, they spotted a frantic Pikachu and Clefable.



"Zip? Charm?" asked Jamie. "Tiki's in trouble?!?"


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