[PW!] The Rescue

Before they got too far Tiki lost consciousness due to the blow
Tilk gave him. When he came to he was tied to a chair with his hands
behind him. He tried using his psychic powers but all that happened
was he got electrocuted. Then Tiki noticed he was wearing something on
his head like a headband, it must be blocking his psychic powers.

"Well it's about time you woke up, we were worried we had put you
into a coma." Tilk grimaced.

"Why haven't you idiots killed me, isn't that your job?" Tiki

"Well it was for a little but our boss changed his mind, he wants
you alive and well, for some reason," Cross said, "So you just hold
tight, a copter is coming for is in a little so we'll be on our way

"Where are my Pokemon?" Tiki asked.

"You mean these pokemon," Tilk held up a belt with six pokeballs
on it.

Tiki remembered before he went out that Cross had said that he
hadn't gotten Zip and Charm, Tiki smiled.

"What's so amusing?" Cross asked.

"You didn't get my Pikachu or Clefable,, they're probably getting
my friends right now." Tiki smirked. Cross walked over to him and
slapped him in the face.

"They'll never find you, they don't have enough time, the copter's
getting here any second." Cross replied.


After tugging some at Pipian and companies pants legs, the gang
figured out that they should follow the two Pokemon. The two Pokemon
then ran off towards last place they saw Tiki.

When they got there Tiki, Cross and Tilk were gone. "Pika Pika,
P!!! (Son of a bit...)"

"CLEFABLE CLEFABLE (Watch you mouth Zip)!!!"

"I wonder what these two brought us here for?" John asked.

"Hey look it looks like someone was dragged away from here,"
Orion said pointing to two lines going off down the alley way. The
gang followed the tracks until they led to the back of a building.
There didn't appear to be a way in.

"Well now what?" Jamie asked.

"John call out your Geodude." Pipian said, John did as he was
told. "Okay go Lucky," Pipian's Chansey apperead. "Lucky Seismic Toss
Geodude through this wall."

"WHAT!!!!! you're not throwing my Geodude through a wall." John
exclaimed. At this point the gang heard a chopter landing on the roof.

"We don't have time for this John it won't get hurt it's made of
solid rock, I'll give you one of my potions afterwards." Pipian yelled.

"Fine," John replied. The Chansey grabbed the Geodude and
started spinning and then threw the Geodude whihc went flying through
the brick wall. To reveal Tilk and Cross taking Tiki up a flight of

"Hey it's the other brats!" Tilk yelled.

"Get rid of them!!!" Cross replied, Tilk got out a handgun and
discharged ashot at John, John's Geodude jumped in front of it and
deflected it.

"GEODUDE are you okay!!!" John yelled.

"GEO (Fine)"

"That's it I'm pissed, Ariel go!!!" The Vaporeon apperead.

"We don't have time for this!!" Cross yelled, then Tilk and
Cross grabbed Tiki and his stuff and started running up the stairs.

"We better get going I think they're taking him to the copter."
Orion said. Everyone and Pokemon started running up the stairs with
Charm and Zip leading the way. They got to the roof only to see a
Helicopter start taking off with Tiki inside.

"CLEFABLE CLE (I don't think so)!!!!" Charm's Eyes started
glowing and it started swaying back and forth "CLE FABLE!!!!" Charm
Jumped into the air and then unleashed atorrent of wind onto the
helicopter (Whirlwind) the helicopter started swirving around and it
landed back on thew ground. But Charm didn't stop in fact she kept
going until the copter's propellar flew of the copter.

"You peices of crap!!!" Tilk yelled jumping out of the Copter.
"I'm taking you out," Tilk broke out an oozie and started firing,
everyone jumped behind a air fan as the bullets started flying.

Cross got out of the copter and dropped Tiki on the ground.
After awhile of firing the clipt emptied out. And Tilk started changing
the clip when.

"PIKA!!!!" Zip jumped out and started using agility, Cross got
out a handgun and started trying to get Zip, But Zip was too fast.
Right when Tilk got the clip changed, Zip jumped into the air and
jumped right onto Tilk's head making him drop the gun.

"AHHHH!!!!!" He yelled.

Zip kept running until he reached Tiki. "ZIP TAKE OFF THE
HEADBAND!!!!" Zip tried taking it but Tiki only got shocked, then Cross
turned around and was about to shoot when Lucky jumped him from behind
and pounded his head. "ZIP ELECTRICUTE THE HEADBAND," Zip did so, and
then the Headband fell off. Right as Tilk got the gun back he aimed at
Zip, then Tiki made it fly out of Tilk's Hand and off the edge of the
building. Cross threw off Lucky and was about to shoot it when , Tiki
broke free grabbed his staff extended it and smacked Cross in the back
of the legs. Cross fired and the bullet flew off into the air.

Then everyone stepped out from behind the Fans, Tilk and Cross
realizing that they were out numbered and didn't have enough big guns,
jumped off the side of the building. Tiki and the others ran over to
the edge only to see the bottom of the road, Tilk and Cross had

They left the bulding, and evryone congratulated their Pokemon
then they recalled them. "I think I'm ready to challenge Blaine!!!"
Tiki said.

----------Re: By Syke6888 L----

"Yeesh, what a day. A victory, a Pokémon and a chance to trash a few
idiots." John thought.

"Flash, come out!" The Flareon appeared.

"Hmm, To activate press here." The TM from Blaine immediately started
humming. "Enter Pokémon Number." John pressed a few buttons. "Searching
for No.136: Flareon. Flareon found. Execute Fire Blast command?" John
keyed in yes and a beam of light hit Flash's eyes, teaching her the move
Fire Blast. Tossing a the machine into a nearby bin, John called out
Ariel and took out a small vile.

"Hey, where did you get that bottle of Protein?" asked Tiki.

"Back on Seafoam Islands," replied John as he fed Ariel the liquid.
"There, now you should be able to keep the two of us above water next
time we Surf." "Vapor eon!"

John returned the two to their Pokéballs, then the group continued to
the Gym.

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