[PW!] Much Needed Info

Tiki walked up to the gang, "Ok guys I got myself a Volcano badge,
now let's do what we planned on doing to begin with, go and learn some
info about, intellegent Ditto's and Psychic Pikachus." Tiki said.
Everyone nodded and got up from the ground, then they started walking
towards the Lab.

They walked in and Jamie walked up to the front desk, and asked
"Excuse me could we please talk to someone about a project we have
questions about?" The lady was about to say no when she saw John, who
she knew.

"Why yes you may, you can talk to the head of the lab." the lady
replied. The group pleasently surprised walked to a room, and waited
for a little, then an elder man walked in, everyone stood up and shaked
hands with him.

"John good to see you again." He said, John nodded in reply, no
one asked any questions at the moment. "So I here you folks have some
questions for me, how can I help you?"

Tiki was the first to speak up, "We have some questions about
intelligent Dittos that might have been made here, could you tell us
anything about them?"

"Unfortunatly I can," the scientist replied, "back when the lab
was controlled by Team Rocket we made two Dittos that could remember
shapes they turned into, they could even speak english. The two
origanal Dittos were named Mimic, and Doppler. As it turned out
Doppler became an evil Ditto and used his powers to cause pain onto
mankind, however the Ditto named Mimic was very nice, even after being
tortured by Team Rocket. Eventually though both Dittos escaped and we
lost track of them. The lab has made other Dittos as well but none
have been as hateful as Doppler, or as caring as Mimic, they generally
dislike humanity. But that's about all I can tell you."

"I have one more question, did you ever genetically alter a
Pikachu to be psychic?" Tiki asked.

"No we haven't although we've heard of one that was naturally
made, at least as far as we know he was naturally made. But we've
never been able to find him, and we haven't been able to create
something like him."

"Thank you for your time, well that's all I needed to know." Tiki
said and then him Jamie and John started to leave.

"Hold on," Pipian said, "Me and my friend Orion have three
fossils we'd like ressurected," Pipian handed teh fossils to the
scientist, who nodded and left the room, after a little he returned
with three Pokeballs.

"Here you go," he gave them back to the two and then the
Pokeballs teleported away, because Pipian and Orion already had six

"Alright now we can go," Pipian said. The group left the lab and
sat down at a bench.

"Well now what do we do?" Jamie asked.

"Good question," Orion said.

"Well we have to find this psychic Pikachu and Mimic, but where
are they, and how do we find them?" John asked.

"I've had visions of the psychic Pikachu and Tiki's had visions
of Mimic, maybe our visions will lead us to them." Pipian suggested.

"Maybe but for now I suggest we just keep moving, if we stay in
one place for too long, we might get found out by Mewtwo if he doesn't
already know we're here, I suggest we go to Pallet." Tiki said, "I've
got a favor that I can call in from the old days, my friend might be
able to help us find the Pikachu and Mimic." Tiki ended.

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