[PW!] Vision #???

It was late so everyone decided to get some rest before going to
Pallet. Everyone got another room at the Pokecanter and got some well
deserved sleep.

Tiki went to his room immediatly while everyone else stayed up
for a little. He released his Pokemon to get some sleep. And then got
ready for bed, he put on his night time atire, a large shirt and a pair
of boxers. He brushed and flossed, then he lay down. Before he could
do anything he was asleep, he was very tired.

-------- BEGINNING OF DREAM SEQUENCE------------------------------------

It started as Tiki seeing a pale lights flashing in the
distance, he sorta started floating towards the lights. After awhile
he was in viewind distance, he saw Dreadite fighting what apperead to
be himself. He saw the Ditto's Mimic and Doppler fighting one another,
he saw a lot of other people he didn't know fighting. Then all the
people grew strings from their arms and legs, like they were puppets.
Then Tiki saw a great darkness in front of himself, Tilk and Cross were
standing in front of it, they stepped aside and the darkness yeilded
Mewtwo, Tiki looked up and saw Mewtwo holding all the strings attached
to everyone. Then Tiki looked at his own hands and noticed that he had
strings attached to his hands as well.

-------------------------------END OF DREAM SEQUENCE--------------------

Tiki woke up in a cold sweat, all of his Pokemon were asleep and
it was like three in the morning. He got on his shoes, and picked the
lock of the Pokecenter, from the inside. He walked outside making sure
to lock the door on his way out. He went to the beach and just sat
down and looked at the fullmoon. He wandered what was happening to
him, he wondered what the hell he was doing hunting after the supposed
'Ultimate Pokemon'. Frankly he didn't know, but he was compeled to do
what he was doing, there were so many things missing like, the identity
of the Pikachu. He wasn't sure if the pikachu had any significance but
he needed to find him. After and hour or so, Tiki walked back to the
Pokeceneter picked his way back in, and relocked it. He walked to his
room, thinking about the Pikachu, he walked by an open door, not
knowing how close he was to the mysterious Pokemon.

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