[PW!] Fly Air Tangela!

The group had finally finished their buisness at Cinnabar and was
currently traveling towards Pallet. John was now dry, thanks to the
Protein he fed Ariel. As they got closer to Pallet, he noticed a grassy
area. "You guys continue to town, I want to check for Pokémon."

John hopped on the area, recalled Ariel and set out Weezbag, his

"Weezbag, use Smog to bring out some Pokémon!" "Weezing!"

Sure enough, a Tangela popped out. "Awesome! Flash, Fire Blast!"

The Tangela immediately was engulfed in a veritable maelstorm of fire.

"Greatball, go!" said John, tossing the green sphere.

1...2...3! Captured!

"Yes! Weezbag, Flash, return! Hmm, male Tangela, Absorb, Poison Powder,
Sleep Powder and Bind. I'll call him Wraps."

Suddenly, a sound came from the grass. Next thing John knew, 20 Tangelas
appeared, each of them brandishing Vines and mean looks. John
sweatdropped. "Oh, crud..." was all he could say before the Tangelas
knocked him towards Pallet.

In Pallet, the group was deciding what to do when they heard a yell.

Orion: Look, up in the sky!

Pipian: Is it a Pidgey?

Jamie: Is it a plane?

Tiki: No, it's...


(OOC: Had to put it that way, it works better)

Wham! John hit the ground hard. Pipian ran over and picked him up.
"John, are you okay?"

"How many stories did the elevator fall, Mommy?"

Pipian brought John to a bench to rest, and the group continued to
discuss their next move.

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