[PW!] Favors

  After John relized he wasn't a kindergardener that had been in a falling elevator the group continued.
  "So Tiki where's this friend of yours?" Orion asked.   "He is around," Tiki replied.  The group walked with him to a house he knocked on the door, a slot in the door opened and looked out, then it closed and the door opened.
  As they entered the group was confronted by a man wearing a leash attached to the wall jumping around screaming, "THIS IS THE PERSON THAT'S GOING TO HELP US!!!" Pipian exclaimed.
  "No... this is and idiot." Tiki replied, as if he was used to this stuff.  "The person that's going to help us is over there." Tiki pointed to a solid steel door. that had no handle from the outside. Tiki walked over and tapped on the door, then pushed his hand onto and LCD screen.  It scanned his hand, and the door opened.
  "Wow this guy must be really important, with all this security." John said.  The door opened to reveal four armed guards, standing at attention, they stepped aside to reveal a man dressed in hippie clothes and a long beard, who was at the moment smoking something funky.   "This is the man that's going to help us," Tiki said.   "Hey Tiki nice to see you <cough>, how are <cough> you?"   "Fine Biks, what you up to now adays?"  Tiki replied.   "Nothing much, so what are you here for?" Biks replied.   "We need some info, about where we can find Mewtwo, two Dittos named Mimic and Doppler, and a psychic pikachu, at least I think that's what they are." Tiki replied.
  "You think that's what they are?" Biks asked.  Tiki explained about him being psychic and how he had only seen the supposed pikachu in visions. "Well until you're sure I can't help you with the Pikachu, but two Dittos with names.  What's with that?"  Once again Tiki explained it to him about how the Ditto's had been enchanced at Cinnibar and how one was good and the other was evil.  Then he explained about Mewtwo. "Well finding these guys isn't going to be easy, and it will take a long time.  How can I reach you when we get something?"  Biks asked.     "Do you still have the thing I gave you?" Tiki asked, Biks nodded. "Well I'll take that back, you can reach me through that."     "Well don't get caught with it, or you'll be in some serious shi."     "I know I know, but it will probably come in handy." Tiki replied.     "Alright I mean it's yours."  Biks went into a safe ans came out with a labtop and a small black box, Tiki put both in his backpack.     "Thanks Biks keep me up to date," Tiki said.
    "Sure thing you stay out of trouble Tiki."  Biks said.  After that the gang left.
    When they were outside Jamie asked, "Tiki how do you know that man, and what did he mean about that labtop, and why does he owe you favors?"  Everyone nodded that they wanted to know too.
    "Don't worry about it, he's someone I knew along time ago, from another life sort of.  He just owes me but don't worry about it." Tiki said, everyone shrugged and walked along.
    "So now what do we do?" Pipian asked.
    "Good question, and I suggest we head towards Ceruleun." Tiki said.     "Why Ceruleun?" John asked.
    "To check out Mewtwo's last known hideout, the cave just outside Ceruleun." Tiki replied.

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