[PW!] We Go This Way... I Mean That Way!

After the Rhyhorn attack, The group left Pallet without problems (though Oak did show them his latest invention - which promptly blew up in his face). An uneventful walk and they were in Viridian City. Some old man walked up to them.
"Hey, are you in a hurry?" he asked.
"Well, not exactly..." Orion said. Then the man started talking about Pokédexes and updates. Suddenly, a Weedle appeared. The man was about to toss a Pokéball, but Jamie beat him to it.
"Hey! That was mine!" cried the man.
"So, you snooze, you lose and besides, you can always get another Weedle." The man walked away, grumbling about selfish trainers
The group continued into the Viridian Forest and soonfound themselves - you guessed it - lost.
"Huh? What do you mean, we're lost? Ash Ketchum gets lost, not us!" cried Pipian.
"Hey, give me a break, this map looks like a kid drew it." was Tiki's reply.
As the group argued, they faled to notice a gun being pointed in their direction...

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