[PW!] Pallet Problems

    The gang walked through Pallet town, everyone looked at Tiki as he played with his new labtop, John tried sneaking a peak, but tripped on a root, when he wasn't looking.  He fell on the ground and messed up allhis clothes.  He stood up watching the mud drip off of his clothes.     "Son of a bit..." He started.
    "John we're in the presence of a lady!" Orion exclaimed, Jamie blushed as she thought of how the word lady ddin't fit her attitude.     Tiki continued playing with his computer, after awhile though he turned it off and closed it.  "Alright so we need to go through the Viridian Woods." Tiki said, "Anyone have any reason to stay here?" Tiki asked.
    "I don't," Pipian said.
    "Me neither," Orion said.
    "Ehhh whatever," John muttered as he spat mud out of his mouth.     "I don't have any reason to stay," Jamie finished.     "Alright then lets go." Right as Tiki finished saying this, he heard a loud rumbling behind him, he turned around to see a large herd of Ryhorns running at them, "That's not good," Tiki said.     "I agree," Jamie said.  Then they noticed that the Ryhorn's weren't slowing in fact as soon as they spotted the group they sped up.  The entire group sweat drops, then they start running in the opposite direction.  They try losing the Ryhorns but it's obvious that they're following them.
    "I suggest we find a way out of this!!!" John yelled.     "Good idea, Bullseye let's do it," Tiki threw the pokeball and the Pidgeot apperead already flying forward.
    "PIDGEOOOT PIDG (Is it ass kicking time???)???"
    "You better believe!!!" Tiki yelled.  He jumped forward and onto the bird.  "Alright Bullseye get to the back of the Ryhorns," the Pidgeot stopped dead and the ryhorn's ran past after the rest.  "Okay Bullseye Fly attack the center of the group," Tiki said.  The bird started flapping his wings creating a tornado that swept up a couple of the Ryhorns and plopped them down at the back of the group.... they kept running.  "Pooh, that didn't work but I have another idea," Tiki and Bullseye flew up ahead and talked to the gang, Tiki whispered something to them, and then flew back.  He got on top of a roof ahead of everyone, as soon as the group passed, he let out a psychic blast that kicked up a bunch of nearby rocks and other large objects.  They landed in front of the Ryhorns.
    As the Ryhorns ran throught the barracade effortlesly, Tiki cursed.  "Well that didn't work, I'm out of ideas, how about I just call out all my Pokemon and start kicking ass." This comment sent Bullseye into a tizzy of excitement.  Tiki reached for his pokeballs and then yelled, "Hey Ryhorns SUCK THIS!!!" They looked up as Tiki released his Pokemon onto the roof.  Sinder unleashed a Fire Spin, while Twirl let out a Hydro Pump.  Zip started Thundering, while Bullseye kept Fly attacking.  Mints started using Sludge, while Charm Psychiced.
    After the initial onslaught the Ryhorns stopped running turned around, and rammed the building Tiki was on.  Tiki and his Pokemon (Other than Bullseye) were knocked into a dumpster.  The Ryhorns started charging towards the dumpster only to be smacked by a large stream of water, Tiki looked around to see Ariel and Orions Wartortle and Starmie launching water attacks.
    "Hey I have an Idea!!" Pipian yelled, "Why don't we put them all to sleep?"
    "Sounds good to me!" Tiki yelled. Then Tiki sent out Charm.  Jamie sent out her Drowzee, Pipian sent out her Oddish(Sleep powder) her Jynx and Jigglypuff (Sing) and her Haunter(Hypnosis).  Orion then sent out his Gloom.
    "Alright goooo!" All the pokemon began doing their different sleep attacks, the Ryhorns started charging the pokemon but before they could reach them they fell to the ground asleep.
    "WOOO HOOO WE"RE ALIVE!!!!" John yelled.  Then there was a big explosion of smoke, when it cleared all the Ryhorn's were gone and all there was was a piece of paper.
    Tiki walked over and picked it up he opened it and read "Very good you managed to defeat some minions I sent but next time you won't be so lucky.  It was signed with a paw print that had three appendages, to it.'  Tiki then said "OHHH FU...."

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