[PW!] A History Lesson For All

      RECAP: After an eventless travel through the Viridian forest the gang finds themselves in Viridian City.  Jamie catches a Weedle right before an old man can.  Then the gang proceeds and finds a gun being pointed at them.
      "Give me your Pokemon and your money, now, no tricky business." The man with the gun said.  Tiki started to use his powers but a loud beeping noise emmited in his ear that broke his concentration.  "I told you nothing funny, this little gadget," the man holds up a little box, "Emits a high pitch noise that can only be heard by psychics while they're using there Pokemon, now like I said give me your..."  Before he could finish, Jamie dropped to the ground swung her leg knocking the guy to the ground.  He dropped his weapon he reached over to grab it. In response Jamie got up and kicked him in the arm knocking the gun out again, and in the head, knocking him out.
      "DAMN!!!!"  Was the only word Tiki could manage to mutter.  Jamie looked around to see her traveling partners mouths hanging open.       "Uhhh, self-defense classes at the Y." Jamie said trying to make- up an explination that didn't involve her Team Rocket training.  After that there was a long silence, the silence was eventually broken by the sound of a siren, a motorcycle came roaring over the hill with officer Jenny on it.  She pulled up, thanked Jamie then put the unconcious culprit on the back of her motorcycle and rode off.  "How about we get something to eat." Jamie suggested.  This remark got the hungry guys minds off of Jamie's sudden ability to kick people's asses.  They ate some burgers and fries at Brock's Diner.
      Then they left, Jamie thought that they had forgotten about the incident when out of nowhere John said, "So Jamie where did you really learn how to fight like that?"
      "I told you at the Y, hehe, yeah that's it the Y." Jamie replied.       "Yeah right, and I'm the queen of England in disguise." John replied, "Why won't you tell us, what's so dark about your past that you can't tell us?" John asked.
      "Well, well...... I'm not telling you my secret unless Tiki tells us about that computer and the box thing!!!!" Jamei pointed to Tiki.
      "Yeah Tiki what is with that computer of yours?"  John asked.       "Well, well..... I'm not telling you MY secret unless Pipian tells you guys his!!!!"  Tiki then pointed at Pipian.
      "Ohh so you have a secret too, well what ever is it?"  John asked.
      "Ummm well..... I'm not telling you my secret unless John tells us something secret about himself, why did you sneak off when we got to Cinnibar???"  Pipian yelled.
        "Uhhh well I'm not telling you anything unless... unless Orion tells us something secrative about himself!!!!" John yelled.         "But I don't have any secrets." Orion replied.         "SON OF A!!!!!! Alright fine if you must know... My father was one of the people that created Mewtwo." Everyone else gasped, then John explained all about it, "Alright there you go, now that I told Pipian has to tell." John finished.
        "Oh yeah I forgot, well you see I'm from another dimension." Everyone gasped, then Pipian explained fully, about how he woke up here one day, and how Mew had brought him here.  "So I told now It's Tiki's turn."
        "Fudge, okay a deal's a deal,  I used to be a theif and my computer helped me with code cracking and other electronic theiving things."  Everyone once again gasped, Tiki then explained how he had quite when he became a trainer and he then told everyone about Sith and others.  "Okay and finally it's Jamie's turn, to tell us where she learned to fight." Tiki finished.
        "Well if you must know......  I used to be a member of Team Rocket."  Everyone gasped again, except for John who started laughing.         "You, I don't believe it!!!" He yelled.
        "And what is so unbelievable about me being a Rocket!?!?!"         "I just can't see you as one!!!" John regained his composure only to break out laughing, to this Jamie merely elbowed John in the head sending him to the ground, "OWWW maybe you are a Rocket after all."         Then Jamie explained about her past.  When she was finished Orion spoke up, "Okay I confess, I have a secret, I secretly steal Pipian's Pokemon food and give it to my own, I feel so dirty!!"  He broke down crying.
        Once he settled down, Tiki said, "Alrighty then now what do we do?"

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