[PW!] Guess What? Another Vision!

    Well after the gang had recovered from  the revelations that everyone shared, they continued walking to the outscirts of town.  All of a sudden (You guessed it) Tiki blacked out.
    The next thing he realized he was standing on darkness there was nothing else just darkness, but it wasn't dark, Tiki could see his hands and legs.  Then he heard something behind him, he whirled around to see Mewtwo standing there.
    <Hello Tiki> Mewtwo said with his mind.
    "How do you know my name!!!!" Tiki yelled.
    <I know a lot about you, more than you can ever imagine, you have no idea of what the truth is>
    "Oh yeah well why don't you tell what it is is!"
    <You don't want me to do that, you want the truth, you can't handle the truth>
    "Test me, I can take your lies!!!"
    <They're not lies, you don't want to know the truth it will destroy you, and all that you hold dear>
    "Well see about that!!!"  Tiki was starting to become afraid.     <Give up, it's the easiest thing to do, what do you hope to accomplish even if you find me, what can you possibly do>
    "I can defeat you I can stop your tyranny!!!"
    <H  O  W>
    "I.... Well... I'll start by...."
    <You have no idea how, you're going on a suicide mission, you can't win>
    Tiki began to doubt himself, then out of nowhere, a Pikachu apperead, at first Tiki thought it was the pikachu from the other visions but this one was different Tiki had never seen this one.     <What.. what are you doing here>  Mewtwo said.
    "Don't play dumb Mewtwo, you know perfectly well what I'm doing here, Tiki why would Mewtwo be trying to disway you if you weren't a threat, huh??? Think about it, he knows you're a risk so he's trying to keep you from finding him!!!!" The pikachu yelled.
    "If that's true then why are you so intent on your Bounty hunters Cross and Tilk getting him?"
    "You hired Cross and Tilk, I'll be, you're afraid of me, I don't know why, but I'm a threat to you." Tiki said regaining his confidence     <NO NO I DON'T FEAR YOU, YOU'RE NOTHING TO ME NOTHING!!!!>     "OH yeah well you know what I have to say to that.... F. YOU!!!"     <AHHHHHH, I'll be back you won't find me, you'll die a slow and painful death!!!!!>  Then Mewtwo dissaperead.
      "Thank you." Tiki said to the pikachu.
      "No thank you," the pikachu replied.
      "For what?" Tiki asked.
      "You'll find out."
      "What was he talking about the truth?"
      "Well he was right about that you're not ready for it, but don't worry you'll find out all in good time." Then the pikachu dissaperead.
      Tiki woke up lying on the gound everyone hudled around him, "Alright he came to, we were worried about you for a sec." Orion said.       "You alright?" John asked.
      "Yeah fine." Tiki got up dusted himself off, and they continued.
Towards what Tiki was unsure.

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