[PW!] Mewtwo Gets PISSY!

    Tiki stood up and dusted himself off, after reassuring the group that he was okay, they began to leave town, once they got to the outskirts of Viridian they heard a loud 'KABOOOOOMMMMMM!!!!!!".     The group whirled around and to see Mewtwo himself, flining psychic energies at buildings and people, "YOU DON'T WANT TO GIVE UP THEN YOU MUST DIE!!!!!!" Mewtwo yelled as he looked at Tiki.
    "Oh monkey meat." Tiki muttered, "We're in trouble, alright guys let's do it!!!!" Tiki reached to his belt with both hand grabbed all six of his Pokeballs and threw them, his six pokemon apperead ready for battle.
    "Come on guys lets go!!!" Pipian yelled, he and Orion then threw their Pokemon causing them to appear.
    "Alright alright I'll help," John said, even though his Jolteon was to weak to battle Mewtwo effectivly he had no choice.  He threw his pokeballs and his pokemon apperead.
    "And last but not least I'll help!!!" Jamie yelled throwing her pokeballs to the ground.
    "YOU WILL ALL DIE FOR YOUR INSOLENCE!!!!!" Mewtwo yelles flinging more psychic energy at a builing causing it  to tumble to the ground. "TIKI I HAD HOPED THAT IT WOULDN'T COME TO THIS THAT MY PLANS WOULD HAVE DEVELOPED BUT I HAVE NO CHOICE YOU MUST DIE!!!!" Mewtwo yelled. He then unleashed a psywave at the cluster of Pokemon sending them all flying.
    "Everyone retaliate with your strongest attack!!!!" Tiki yelled then everyone else followed in suit.  The pokemon threw everything they had at Mewtwo, Mewtwo held up a hand and deflected their attacks.  Then he wove his hand and they all went flying.
    "I hate to tell you this but your time has come to an end." Mewtwo said, looking at Tiki, he pointed to him.  You could see him charging psychic energy, he was about to unleash it when.
      "BAAAAAMMMMMMM!!!!!!!" Sinder flew into Mewtwo's side, sending him into a building.
      "YOU PATHETIC LIFE FORM YOU WILL PAY FOR THIS!!!!" Mewtwo sent a psychic bolt into sinder sending him through two buildings.  Everyone recalled their Pokemon including Sinder.  "YOU CANNOT STOP ME, MY PSYCHIC POWER IS TOO GREAT!!!!!"
      Then Tiki got an idea, "Follow me everyone, I know what to do!!!" He yelled, everyone ran after him as he fled back toward the city.       "HA YOU ARE ONLY DELAYING THE INEVITABLE, YOU CANNOT ESCAPE ME, I AM GODLIKE!!!!"  Mewtwo yelled.
      Tiki stopped in front of the police station and ran inside (See where this is going yet).  He ran up to Officer Jenny. Who was just standing up after being knocked out during the attack.  "Jenny where is that prisoners stuff you just brought in?!?!?!" Tiki yelled.       "Whah huh it's under the desk." She replied.  Tiki dove behind the desk right as Mewtwo blew his way in.
      "NOW YOU ALL SHALL PAY!!!!!"  Mewtwo yelled, he held up a hand, and was about to release the energy when Tiki jumped up holding a small black box.
      "I don't think so you egotistical freak!!!" Tiki yelled then pushed a button. Mewtwo relead in pain and fell to the ground, he held his head in pain.
      "AHHHHHH WHAT IS THAT CONTRAPTION!?!?!" He yelled. He tried using his powers but to no avale.
      Then Tiki put down the box, and out of his bag got the syrum that would make Mewtwo unable to mind control things and seriously hinder his psychic abilities.  "Now say goodbye to your godlyness." Tiki said calmly.
      "I THINK NOT!!!!" Metwo ran outside and everyone followed, as soon as he was out of range of the anti-psychic box he teleported away.       "DA*N IT!!!!!" Tiki yelled putting the syrum back,  "WE ALMOST HAD HIM!!!!!" Then Tiki remembered Sinder, "OH NO!!!" He released him to see a comatose Charizard barely breathing. "NO NO," Tiki recalled Sinder and stated running to the Pokecemter at top speed.

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