[PW!] Defeat From Within

(switch to Mewtwo's hidden base)
"Hmmph. These guys still havn't figured out that they should give up. I ... have the perfect idea to destroy Tiki and his foolish friends."
Mewtwo started concentrating all his power. His target: the mind of John Laramie.
"Boss, what are you doing?" asked Tilk.
"John's tail makes him even more weak to my mind control attemps. I intend to use him and his Pokémon to destroy Tiki's serum... and then Tiki himself" Then, with a loud yell, he unleashed his power.
(to Viridian City Pokécenter)
John was confused. He just went through his first battle with Mewtwo, some kid has joined up with the rest, and Tiki's Charizard was in intensive care. But that would be John's last independent thought for awhile.
"Aaaaggghhhh!" John yelled. Mewtwo's power surged through his mind. He fought, but couldn't win. John fell to his knees.
"John! What happened?" Pipian yelled. He ran over and started to pick up the fallen trainer. He didn't see John's eyes, but if he had, he would have seen them a bright red. They changed back to John's normal eye color before anyone can notice.
"Nothing, a sudden migraine headache hit me. I'm okay now," "John" [1] said. Curious, the group went back to waiting for better Charizard condition.
(Zoom in on John's eye. Mewtwo appears in the pupil, then disappears. An evil laugh fades in the distance.)

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