[PW!] Score's Return to PW!

    I would love to have you join my group, I thought I had enough people (three) to expect a new post from at least one of them each day.  But it appeares that I was mistaken.  I like what little of your I know.  And I would love to have you join up with my group.  In case you don't want to I'll leave the post off right before you confront us.  What's happening is me and my companions are hunting down Mewtwo, we're headed to Ceruleun to check out his last known hideout.  However in Viridian Mewtwo apperead and blew some of the city up, we managed to get him to run away, but only at the cost of my Charizard being hurt very badly, if you would like a more complete story you can email me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    Score walked through the Viridian forest towards Viridian with his new pokemon Punches at his side, looking away in disgust, and his old friend Spanky on his shoulder.  After being required to sleep in the open with no tent, he wandered into Virdian at about oneish.  As he walked in the first thing he noticed was the reck and ruin that had been caused in the city.
    Score walked up to some people that were just exiting a bomb shelter, "Um excuse me but what just happened here?" He asked.     "Mewtwo attacked the town." One of them replied.
    "Why?" Score asked in bewilderment.
    "He was after that group of people," the woman speaking pointed, Score followed her finger to see a boy of about sixteen, running towards the pokecenter, he was followed by a young lady a guy with a Raichu tail, and a 12 and 10 year old guy.  "Well this is different, maybe I'll see what's happening." Score said as he walked towards the Pokecenter remebering that his Pidgey would need some attention. <MEANWHILE>
    Tiki rushed into the Pokecenter sweat pouring from his face, "I NEED SOME HELP MY CHARIZARD IS IN REAL BAD SHAPE!!!!" The Pokecenter had thankfully been spaired in the recent attack.  John Jamie Pipian and Orion caught up with Tiki out of breath.
    Nurse Joy and a couple of Chansey's with a stretcher ran up, "Where's the Charizard?" Joy asked.
    "Here," Tiki said as he released the barely breathing Pokemon onto the strectcher.
    "Oh my we need to get him into intensice care immediatly!!!" The Chanseys wheeled Sinder off, "Now tell me what happened to him." Joy said.  Tiki then explained how Sinder had saved them and gotten
attacked my Mewtwo.
    "CAN YOU SAVE HIM?!?!?!?" Tiki said in a frantic voise.     "Well do the best we can." Joy said as she walked off.     Just then Score walked in.

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