[PW!] TROUBLE With a Capital Everything!

        RECAP: John's been taken over by Mewtwo, Mewtwo attacked Viridian in an attempt to kill Tiki and the others, but failed.  Score saw Tiki and thge others run towards the Pokecenter and followed them. Tiki's Charizard Sinder was hurt really badly in the fight with Mewtwo and is now in intensive care.
        "So is Sinder going to be okay?" Tiki asked when Joy came out of intensive care.
        "We don't know he was badly hurt,  and his flame is very low, we have him on life support but there's only so much we can do, he might not make it.
        Tiki sank into his chair and wipped a tear from his eyes, "Can I see him?" Tiki asked.
        "Sure, just you though and you'll have to be quite." Joy said, Tiki nodded and was escorted to an intensive care room.  He saw his friend Sinder with an iron lund next ti him pumping oxygen into him. He had all sorts of needles poking into him.  He had all sorts of IVs and other medical equipment attached.
        Tiki walked up and sat on a chair next to the bed, "Hey Sinder, thank you for saving my life.  You're going to be okay, don't worry about it.  You'll get better and we'll practice and you'll become even stronger and then next time we fight Mewtwo it will be different." Tiki said starting to cry.
        Joy walked up to Tiki, "You need to let him get some rest now," Tiki took Tiki back to the waiting room, "We'll do everything we can, we tell you if there's any change," Joy walked away.  Tiki went to the Pokecenter's counter and got his other Pokemon healed.  As did Pipian John Orion and Jamie.  After that everyone sat down, everyone except John.
        "I'm going to take a walk," John said, "I'll be back in a little." No one comented.  John walked away, "Sir it's okay now I can talk to you."
        Mewtwo's voice poured into John's head, <John, very good job faking your conviction in the battle with me, now the next thing we need to do is to break everyone's spirit, we can start with Tiki. Wouldn't it be a shame if Sinder's life support went off'line all of a sudden?>
        "Yes indeed it would be a shame!!!" John said smiling an evil smile.

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