[PW!] Tiki's Next Vision

        Tiki lay in the Pokecenter exhausted, yet he couldn't sleep, he was too worried about Sinder.  After some time, thought he started drifting off, only to wake himself up again.  He decided to get some coffee to drink, he walked over to the pitcher but before he could, reach it he blacked out.
        The first thing that Tiki noticed was himself, then whatever he was looking through, started going towards Tiki it reached his eye, and went into Tiki's head.  Tiki next saw a triangle with three shining points on it, then a dark figure apperead, the figure had a glowing staff and a blue orb hovering above him.  Then the figure dissaperead and gave way to Mewtwo, Mewtwo laughed and dissaperead.  Then Tiki saw his mother, next to his mother was the shining triangle, then his mother dissaperead and all that was left was the triangle.  Then six people apperead around the triangle, Tiki had never seen the people, then Mewtwo and an old woman apperead in the center of the Triangle.         Tiki woke up in a cold sweat, people were just getting to his side, so he had only been out for about 2 seconds.  He stood up and insisted he was okay he ogt some coffee and sat back down.

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