[PW!] Battle With A Mewtwo

Jamie grabbed the black box, made sure it was on, and faced John. "Ready?"   Without facing her, John simply replied, "We shall have an all-out Pokémon battle," said John in an unusually monotone way.
  "Fine by me. Go, Magnemite!"
  "Magnem!" Jamie's Pokémon zipped from behind her, ready to fight.   "Go, Geodude," John said. Chaz burst from the Pokéball, confused as to why it wasn't referred to by name.
  "Geodude, Harden."
  Geodude glowed briefly, increasing its defense. John smiled, and his eyes glowed a deep purple. "You cannot possibly win."
  "That's what you think!" Jamie retorted. "Magnemite, Sonicboom attack!"   Jamie's Pokémon shot out a small tornado, knocking Chaz to the ground. Slowly, the Geodude recovered from the impact.
  "Sonicboom always does 20 damage, hotshot!"
  John was unphased. "Geodude, Mega Punch."
  After it got up, Chaz quickly threw itself at Magnemite, digging its fist into the Pokémon's head.
  "Don't worry, Magnemite! Reflect, now!"
  A thick barrier formed around Magnemite's exterior, pushing Chaz out of the way. Still, John showed no fear of losing. Jamie didn't sense anything in the form of arrogance, there simply wasn't any thought that losing was possible.   "Geodude, Rock Throw."
  Suddenly, stones and boulders flew from nowhere, knocking Magnemite out.   Great, Jamie thought. "Go, Drowsee!"
  When Drowsee's Pokéball hit the ground, nothing happened.
  <Drowsee will not fight for Jamie.>
  "Well why not?" she yelled at the ball.
  <Sabrina sent Drowsee to train Jamie, not to fight.>
  Double great.
  "Fine. Go Nidorino!"
  Luckily, Nidorino was not bound by the same restrictions as Drowsee, and willfully leapt into battle.
  "Return, Geodude." John calmly lifted Chaz's Pokéball and hit the center switch, sucking back the injured Geodude. "Go Doduo."
  Tara charged straight at Jamie's Nidorino.
  "Nidorino, use the Horn Drill!"
  "Doduo, Growl attack."
  Before Doduo could use its 'devastating' Growl, Nidorino drilled straight into its side, knocking it across the field they were fighting in.   John suddenly was enfuriated. "This human's Pokémon are jokes! Enough of this!" His eyes glowed again, and he was about to shoot a psychic ball at Jamie. Fortunately, the little black trinket at Jamie's feet kicked in, and he grabbed his head in pain.
  "Had enough?"
  Instantly, John rose to his feet. "You pitiful creatures have won the battle, but Mewtwo will win the war!" and John fell back to the ground, unconscious.
  Jamie turned off the machine. "This won't be our last triumph," and she picked up John and carried him to the Pokécenter where Tiki was waiting.

Continued By: Syke6888 L

When John wole up, he wasn't too sure what happened. He felt as if he was asleep the past day, and now hw was lying on a bed with his friends and that new guy . . . Score, yeah. "What's going on here?" he asked.
Nurse Joy came in at that time to check on Sinder. "According to your friends, you were put under hypnosis by Mewtwo."
"Easy, John, you don't want to make your condition worse," said Jamie.
"You had us worried for awhile, Mewtwo tried to make you kill Sinder. But don't worry, he's out of your mind now."
John slowly got up. Ariel jumped up into John's lap, glad her master was himself again.
"Well, in any case, I'm glad that's over with. So where do we go now?" asked Orion.
"Simple, Cerulean City and the Unknown Dungeon," replied Tiki.

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