[PW!] A Meeting With Score

    "Hey Jamie," Tiki yelled as Jamie and John walked off to battle.     "What?" Jamie asked turning.
    "Take this it will keep anyone from using psychic powers," Tiki said throwing the black box to her.  Jamie caught it and walked off with John walking off as well.  Tiki turned around to see the guy that saved Sinder starting to come to, Tiki walked up to him and held out his hand.  The guy grabbed it and Tiki helped him up, "Thank you for saving my Pokemon," Tiki said.
      "No problem," Score replied rubbing his head, "By the way my name is Sore what's yours?" Score asked.
      "My name is Tiki."
      "So what was with that John fellow?" Score asked.       Tiki explained as much as he could.  "So I hear you guys were battling Mewtwo, what was that about?" Score asked.
      Once again Tiki explained the entire ordeal, "So how do you plan on finding him?" Score asked.  Tiki replied with his friend in Pallets help.
      Then Tiki whirled around, "That reminds me," Tiki got out his fancy lab top, and the black box.  The box was quite deep but apperead to only contain a single layer of disks, it obviously had something else under it.  Tiki took out a CD and put it into the lab top.  He ran the program and then typed in some data and pressed enter and closed the lab top.
      "If you don't mind my asking what are you doing?" Score asked.       "Well don't tell anyone but this computer is hooked up to (hacked into) the world's satellite system, I used one of the satellites to start a psychic scan, it will search for heavy eminantes of psychic energy and report the large ones to me, this will work because Mewtwo is the most powerful psychic.  However if he's far underground it will be weakened and other sugnals will show up.  But it's worth a shot." Tiki finished, then he noticed the other people coming too he put away the machine, and released his pokemon.  "Hey you guys watch John and Jamie and if John tries anything funky..."
      "PIDGEOOOOOOTTTTT (KICK HIS ASSSSSS)!!!!"  Bullseye screeched.       "Yes well put," Tiki replied.  At this the Pokemon turned and walked to the window.
      "So you guys are headed to Ceruleun." Score commented.       "Yep." Tiki replied.
      "Mind if I join you for at least awhile sounds interesting?" Score asked.
      "I do not care, but we have to wait for my Sinder to heal."       Then Nurse Joy stood up, "Excuse me but I couldn't help but notice that you're a psychic, you should have told me this earlier, you can slightly increase your Pokemon's healing process, it will give you a bad headache and you might faint, but as long as you don't over do it you should be okay." Joy explained.
      "Cool, but it will still take some time, right?"       "Oh yes but not as much, and who knows maybe you're really powerful and it won't take long," Joy said.
      Tiki snickered and Joy escorted him to Sinder's room, Score followed.

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