[PW!] Over The Hills And Though The Woods...

    "Okay you can take Sinder now, just as long as you keep him in his pokeball, and keep giving him hyper potions he should be okay in a week or two, especially if you keep up the psychic healing." Joy said, and Tiki pet the now awake Sinder on the head.
    "Okay," Tiki said he returned Sindeer to his pokeball.  It had been a week since John had had his 'inciddent' they had waited for Sinder to get better, and to get to know Score better.
    The group walked out of the Pokecenter, and started towards
Viridian Forest, they got there and started walking through the woods. Jamie had Drowsee out and they were working on Jamie's powers.  She had been practicing intensly the last week and she had managed to lift a glass of water, for a little only to drop it on Spark, John's Jolteon. That suprised Soark, who in turn let out a thundershock which hit, Charm, Tiki's Clefable.  Then in response to the suprise Charm
unleashed a psychic that hit Jonpageori, Pipian's Jigglypuff.  Anyway this chain reaction continued for awhile, ending in John being
barbecued by his Flareon, Flash.
    Anyway Jamie was practicing her powers, Score, John, Pipian and Orion were talking, everyone's pokemon were out playing with one another.  And Tiki was hovering over his labtop.  The group had been walking through the woods for a few days and were almost out when all of a sudden all of the pokemon froze.  Tiki not seeing this tripped over Chaz, John's Geodude and fell on his face (his computer unharmed though).  "Owwww why did you guys stop?" Tiki said standing up.     "Pika pika, pi, pi/ (Look over there Tiki)"  Zip said.       Tiki looked over there, "Great Goddish!!!"

Continued By: Syke6888 L

John and co. looked and immediately their jaws dropped.
"It's. . . It's a Moltres!" yelled John. "But what is it doing here? They never leave Victory Road!"
"Not this Moltres!" yelled Score.
"When Ash said that, it was mildly funny. Now, it's a dumb joke."
"Mollltresss!" shouted the wild bird, sending flames at the crew. Unfortunately, only John was fried.
"We got to stop it, it could set the whole forest on fire!  Starmie, Wartortle, use all your water attacks!" shouted Orion.
"Ariel, Surf!" yelled John.
A veritable ocean of water flowed to the majestic bird, but it flew out of range, then dive-bombed, grabbing Score in his beak.
"Hey, let me go, ya overgrown buzzard!" yelled Score.
The Moltres opened it's mouth, and proceeded to drop Score into the nearest lake. Then, with a mighty flap of it's wings, put the whole group, Pokémon and people, into a Fire Spin. Satisfied, the bird flew back to wherever it came from.
The group was now caught in a ring of fire, with no way to get out. "Ohhh, boy, here it comes!"
The expected flaming never happened. The group opened their eyes, and the flame was gone. "Huh? Where did it go?" Pipian asked.
"I have no idea, I'm just glad it's gone," cried Jamie.
Tiki went over and helped Score out of the lake, then the group
continued to Pewter City.

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