[PW!] And Now For Something Completely Different...

Boy, that was random," remarked Jamie, referring to the Moltres attack that occured moments ago.
  Tiki piped in, "I'll say."
After a few hours of walking, the Anti-Mewtwo Crew, including a soaking wet Score and an extra-crispy John, finally reached Pewter City. The group immediately went to the Pokécenter and deposited their various Pokémon. While they waited, Jamie was trying to levitate a Pokéball, which she figured would do less damage than her last attempt.
  <Jamie must concentrate,> said the slightly impatient Drowsee.   "Like I could," she grumbled. "Here we are being hunted down by a crazy genetically-engineered Mewtwo and a pyromaniacal Moltres, practically running for our lives, and you expect me to concentrate on a Pokéball."   <Yes, Drowsee does.>
  "Oh," and she continued to focus.
  After a few more moments, the ball tilted slightly to the left, then returned to its original position.
  Pipian was watching with interest. "That's a real comfort."   Jamie was getting pretty upset at that point, what with Drowsee and Pipian 'encouraging' her, and suddenly, the Pokéball flew from its inert position, right into Pipian's smirking face.
  "OWWWWWW!" he yelled, clutching his forehead in pain. "What did you do that for?"
  "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to do that!"
  <Jamie also needs to control her temper.>
  Now, Jamie thought, I'm more confused than ever.

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