[PW!] Score Must Learn Patience... Aw Forget It!

"A clearing, we're through!" shouted Jamie.
Pewter City was ahead and . . . so was Team Rocket.
"Prepare for Trouble!"
"Make it Double!"
"Forget the stupid motto, you'll bore the readers to death!" shouted John.
Everybody looked at him in a weird way.
"Enough of this, Arbok, Weezing, go!" shouted Jessie.
"Go Weezing, Victreebel!" "Go Meowth!"
"Ariel, Spark, attack!"
"Punches, Spanky, let's battle!"
"Charm, Zip, I choose you!"
"Come out, Magnemite!"
"Err, uhh, I'm out of catchphrases, so Mints and Bullseye, come out!"
All Pokémon appeared and Team Rocket found themselves outnumbered and surrounded.
"Everybody, your strongest move!" Whaboom! Team Rocket took full force of Punches, Gusts, Surfs, Sludge, Thundershocks and Wing Attacks.
"Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!"
Next stop: Brock's Gym. John was first to reach, so he got first dibs.
"Hey, John, good to see you again. Two on two battle. Vulpix, go!" Brock shouted.
"Spark, time for action! Power up your Rage and use it to back up a Bite!"
The Jolteon's eyes glowed red, and after taking a couple of Tackles and Flamethrowers, unleashed it in a Bite attack. Vulpix fainted.
"Acck, Vulpix, return! Go, Onix!"  "Grooooonix!"
"Spark, Bite it again! I know you're at a disadvantage, but you need exprience!" Spark complied, but wound up knocked into a wall.
"Spark, return! Ariel, go!"
"Onix, Rock Throw!"
The huge snake brought it's weight down, but the Vaporeon leaped out of the way.
"Ariel, Water Gun!" Ariel released the blast, but missed!
"I'm tired of losing, so I gave Onix some speed boosters." shouted Brock.
"Hmmph, Ariel, Ice Beam it's end to the floor!" Atiel released a blast that turned Onix's bottom into ice.
"Now, big finish, Surf!" A tidal wave of water hit Onix, and the snake fainted.
"Congratulations John, here's your badge. Now, who's next?"

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